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September 4, 2006




The Literates encompass what Hip Hop should be today. Lyrical gymnastics combined with sick beats along with a link from the past to the present. At the same time they give us a glimpse of the future. The group consists of Kahlee, A.N.T.I. (a.k.a. Another Name to Identify) and Vizualz; three individuals with a common goal…make sick music.

Unspoken sets it off with an Ol’ Skool party vibe called “Keepin’ It Live” and with every party jam, there has to be a dope chorus:

“Put your hands in the sky we keepin’ it live

 Forever till the day that we die,

 We stay keeping real you know the deal

 Say whatever you feel c’mon,

 This isn’t just for the clubs

We throwin’ it up for everybody showing us love,

This is Literates shit

So nod your head until the cartilage rips!”

This is mos def a nice intro song to a tight EP. The next track “Deadly” gets our head nodding again, with complete production coupled with smoldering volcanic rhymes. The beat is reminiscent of that 90’s boom bap we all crave today. The lyrics are what stand out though with funny lines like:

“You can’t evade these contagious faces

 Get stuck quick like a d#ck sucked with braces.”

OUCH! These cats do not hold back!

The enigmatic “Graff Life” pays homage to bombing, an element of Hip Hop that most artists forget about these days. This track takes you into the mind and lifestyle of a Graffiti Bomber from the adventure of getting one’s name up, to getting messed with by 5ive O. Check out these vivid lyrics:

“I started sparking spots with flames, names to gain some shine

 Some followed but stopped in due time,

 Just another fad for some it was the thing to do,

 But I seen it as 12 ounces of soul that I could escape through.”

And this:

“I like to spray the walls with krylon

 Walk streets on your block in the night and get my write on,

 Rock top to bottoms, flare tips and fat tips we got ‘em

 That name was everywhere until that guy shot him,

 Artistic vandal, meet the highway damagers

 To get up on those freeway signs you need stamina,

 Never ever worried about getting crossed out

 If I catch writing over me, you’ll get knocked out,

 I never get sick off the smell of paint liquid

 Graffiti’s been around since the days of hieroglyphics.”

You can almost smell the spray paint after these verses.

The next track “City of Angels” successfully links the past with the present by featuring a cameo from Sen Dog of Cypress Hill fame. L.A is obviously the theme by the title of the track. On this song each MC explains how all that glitters isn’t gold in the west and that shit is real in L.A. Sen dog proves he hasn’t lost a step lyrically with sharp lines like:

“Never hesitate when opportunities given

 I’m like Doc Holliday and that’s how I’m livin’,

 Third eye open at all times when I swerve

 Keep a jammy concealed just in case I gotta serve,

 Mad dawg don’t take anybody lightly

 We could bust rhymes or put it down if you want to fight me.”

The beat is so dramatic that it reminds me of a scene in a western shootout. It’s that type of hype that keeps this EP moving.

“A.N.T.I. ILL” starts off with an excessively suave beat where razors are spit at you from all angles. Even though the vibe of the beat is laid back, this is still a dope head banger right here. “Genuine Friends” is self explanatory talking about true friendships and how having positive people around you is a good weapon to have when faced with adversity.

And last but not least is the title track “Unspoken”; the sickness of this track is straight up contagious. The beat is so raw; it’ll remind you of the super group Gang Starr. On the rhyming tip, they flawlessly build off one another.

The Unspoken EP, hands down is a must have for anyone’s collection. Just the different emotions and the varied topics that resonate alone, are enough to name this EP a sure classic. It’ll leave you eagerly awaiting their next release. For more info and to support, check them out here: or .     CyPhEr777

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