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Spacey sounds propel DJ Planetarium to new levels! By CyPhEr777

April 18, 2010


For those who know PFM of Hoverock Records, mostly know him as a lyrical monster. He’s able to create and deliver the most complex and awe inspiring lyrics any ears have been blessed to hear. So, when I was given this LP for review, I was curious to see if other talents were to emerge from this enigmatic emcee. Most artists are versatile while others “want” to be versatile. And this is understandable; it allows for artists to be more accessible to the masses but, not many succeed or are as “versatile” as they think they are. That’s not the case with DJ Planetarium and “A_Whole_New_World_Unlike_Our_Own” as it succeeds in every facet of the game.

What this Miami native delivered in this LP is much more than a beat CD, it’s a scenic walk through an instrumental wonderland. Very much in the sense that new surreal surprises wait around every corner, but in that it touches the right nerves to come alive before your mind’s eye. Accurately divided plots in song form are mapped out for sober, steadfast percussion to proliferate, for docile spacey melodies to grow, for sharp kick snares to sprout, for delicate bouts of distortion to blossom, for somber bass lines to twine in madness, for mystic sounds to soar towards the sun, for slight vinyl crackles and pops to be rinsed across the surface.

The perfect example of what I stated above is the track “Two Dead Pigs”. There’s just something in that ladder synthy bubble that’s very dope. Just when you think it’s getting a little repetitive after a while, around that moment, the musical chorus comes in and some atmospheric layers add a little something. Now add really driven drums and you got a serious banger. Other amazing joints are “Nosferatu Y Yo”, “East Coast Kids”, “Amazing Literature” and pretty much everything else. So once more we gotta give this cat a lot of props. And despite really liking what he does, I still think that what he’ll have in store in the future will be even more amazing, with him fine tuning all the ideas that are circulating in his head. What I’m also thankful for, is that the lyrics that we are treated with on the bonus track “Hellen Witch” (Produced by Take 7), are not spoiling the whole impression. His music goes beyond any genre, and represents the true correlation that can exist between artist, soul and sound. Support PFM, Hoverock and Domination Rec. by visiting , Bless C73

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