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A Tribe Called TES- A Must Listen!!! by C73

August 20, 2011


Words can’t even begin to explain how much I love this release! This coming months before the recent documentary of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Beats, Rhymes and Life”, I forgot that I had this sitting on my comp waiting to be reviewed (my apologies to TES for the delay). For those out of the loop, TES has been around for a minute releasing a deep discography of ill music. I’ve been following TES since his first EP “Take Home TES” in 2000. Since then he’s released 2 full lengths (one being a freestyle collage CD) along with a gang of singles and cameos. You HAVE to hear this dude!

Anyway, ATCT is more than a homage towards the Native Tongues alumni, but a testament to TES’ skill as an artist. Basically take the illest Tribe beats selected by TES and the flawless DJ Teddy King (also supplying the cuts), and add some introspective lyrics and personal reflection by TES and you have a classic on your hands. I wish other artists had the balls to do this and remind everyone in this Hip Hop community there’s plenty room for expansion in this art.

This 12 track mix-tape starts with an intro to the manifesto by the father of TES in the form of “Pop A Top.” After that, you’re off on a musical journey of dope beats and supreme lyrics. Audible bliss is what I call it. Some of the topics covered are, issues within the music industry, spoiled trust fund kids and PIZZA!!! One of my faves is a track named “Payola” which covers the history of the term and a main problem that has and continues to saturate the music industry today. Back in the day, DJ’s were allowed to play whatever they wanted as long as they did not favor one particular artist. Apparently, one DJ named Alan Freed started the epidemic we know to exist now in the music industry where record labels pay DJ’s to play certain artists music. This track is supremely dope and informative. Hopefully what you’ve read so far has piqued your interest enough to give this a chance. If not, it’s your loss. Please support TES by hitting up This is a must listen!!! Bless C73

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