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Sputnik drops another dope release! By CyPhEr777

May 1, 2012

Paramanu Recordings

As they say, “better late than never.”  This LP was released in the middle of 2011- August 2011 to be exact- and even though I received my copies early this year, I have to admit, I just never had the time to review this dope piece of material. I also have to admit that subconsciously, I make it a point to listen to this as much as possible. It seems like everything Paramanu Recordings touches and releases turns to gold. It’s a testament to the two individuals who are running the label.

For those not aware, Hobs Sputnik is a Canadian born and bred emcee who, has been hustling in the independent Hip Hop scene for years. The name may not be familiar to mainstream hip-hop listeners, but in some sections of the underground, he is one of many innovative creators who are taking the art to new and unique areas. Although this is considered his debut release, he did release an LP a few years ago called “The Sounds of Satellites Crashing,” which was another banger. Aside from these two releases and a few cameos on other projects, Hobs has garnered a huge following in the underground Hip Hop community.

I must say, there’s not really a weak moment on this 19 track long album. The only gripe I have, and it is minor, is that it’s too cameo heavy. For whatever reason, I feel that Hobs is capable of holding his own with maybe a few guest appearances, albeit the cameos are really dope. The execution each MC has is dirty and gritty; you can tell these brothers, whether they’re vets or up and comers, are hungry. Production is shared by a number of people (Timmo80, DebMaster, Kung Lao, Th’ Mole, Sapience, etc), but they each compliment the uncontrolled power of the vocals and lyrics. Lyrically, everything is laid on the line, loads of clever metaphors but no second guessing what they’re talking about. The LP boasts emcees like Tame One, Nomar Slevik, Megabusive, Tank Wonderful, Noah 23, etc. That’s alot to digest in one sitting.

The vibe of Hobs Sputnik’s “Satellite Strange” is one of unity, not only with each of the participants, but with the rest of the world. Hobs Sputnik is very intellectual and approaches everything from a different angle, which means you have to listen very closely to understand his main aim. Still, the lyrical direction and serious production will be very clear to serious Hip Hop heads. I love having the problem of not being able to pick a few tracks as highlights, but it’s not easy when even the intro is hot. If you don’t believe me, then cop it and tell me otherwise. In all, this album is the answer to the definitive question, What’s been lacking in the Hip Hop industry lately?

Check out Hobs and support @ Bless C73Eternal

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