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Dr. Who, Tommy, Elvira, Oh My!: All alive at Game Warp retro gaming show

July 29, 2012

Game Warp 2012 redelivers the goods with classic entertainment brands and a pinball blast from another time in electronic gaming that still engages in an era of iPad apps and HD gaming systems. Beyond the baby boomers, the Game Warp II thrilled plenty of gen-Xers and millennials at this year’s event.

One of the most exciting additions was AC/DC’s 2012 foray into the classic tactile gaming experience with their own new machine.

Game Warp I:

After visiting Game Warp, a convention focusing on retro gaming with a particular interest in pinball machines, it was interesting to see the reach that entertainment brands licensed for some of these games have had. Names like Elvira (yes, she’s still syndicated nationally), Doctor Who, and The Who’s rock opera “Tommy” have had staying power. However many others also continue to resonate, if for no other reason than nostalgia. At the event, game enthusiasts were lined-up, clamoring to play a round of The Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball. Today, reliving fond memories of yesteryear may be what drives people to this type of convention; however, a visit to just about any casino today will also reveal tons of retro entertainment properties, from Popeye to Kiss, donning the facades of slot machines. The power of retro brands and the value of that intellectual property was recently brought to light in a lawsuit brought against CBS by actors of the classic TV show Happy Days for allegedly not fully compensating them for the use of their likeness on such games and products.  

How does this relate to you if you’re a writer, musician, or artist? The challenge for content creators is creating characters, music, art, and ultimately brands that resonate with audiences. That connection can bring with it the ringing reward of branching into industries never thought possible.

(images taken at the Game Warp event.)

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Game Warp July 31, 2012 at 4:38 pm

First off, thanks for the write up on last year’s show and for coming out to Game Warp 2012!

I think that artists, character creators, actors, and others would be thrilled to find themselves or their work on an arcade or pinball machine. Right now, these are going through a renaissance; in part I think because those of us who grew up with arcades are getting older, have the disposable income needed to collect these machines, and enjoy the nostaglia that visiting an arcade pinball and gaming show (expo, convention) like Game Warp brings to us.

In the case of shows like Happy Days (and Gilligan’s Island and many, many more) they were created before cable, syndication, and all that so no one really thought about that back then. These days, the use of images and such for marketing and memorabilia would be worked out well in advance of the show.

Funny you should mention slot machines! They are created by many of the same manufacturers that create (or used to create) pinball machines.

Thanks again for visiting the show – the best and most diverse collection of arcade and pinball and gaming machines to hit the SouthEast this year!


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