A Pure Solid release from Ben Sharpa! Review by C73 Eternal

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BEN SHARPA- 4DLS (4TH DENSITY LIGHT SHOW) The Ascension Agenda-Jarring Effects


“4th Density Light Show” is the latest effort released by South African Hip Hop pioneer Ben Sharpa. Sharpa has been on the scene for a minute consistently creating sonically charged music while growing experimentally as an artist. This newest LP combines Hip Hop with elements of UK Grime, Dubstep and Dub as well as mixing in ambient sounds. Production was done by the duo named Pure Solid and they do come correct on this 13-track manifesto.

The “Intro” sets it off with a basic understanding of what’s in store for the rest of your listening experience. The second track is where the fun starts with “Initiate Sequence” which sounds like a track Optimus Prime would freestyle to. A very prodding and methodically technical track only made much better by Ben Sharpa’s lyrical prowess. One of the best tracks is “Heroes” where the envelope is pushed audibly and Sharpa goes on a military type lyrical rant like:

My folks would just stand agape and watch me in amazement/

As I dropped quotes sharp as laser-swords from age 10/

But no, it didn’t stop there, see, my teachers soon discovered it/

The rare word skills secretly sought after by the government !!!

Just a small sample of Ben’s genius, 4DLS is riddled with lyrical gems and the production is supreme. Many of Ben’s lyrics are those of self reflection and experiences of his world coupled with politically charged mantras and distrust in the workings of the music industry but, “4DLS” injects positivity and spirituality as well, sort of like “Yin and Yang”. Other notable tracks include “Oscillate”, “Impossible Possible”, “The Ascension Agenda”, “It’s On You” and “Look Up”.

To call this album “different” or “unique” would be cliché since EVERYBODY wants to be different. All you need to know is that this LP is DOPE and worth every penny.  With the industry becoming ever increasingly bland, it would behoove those looking to step out of the repetitious meanderings of the industry to cop this ASAP! Please support Ben Sharpa and Pure Solid by hitting up http://cd1d.com/en/album/4th-density-light-show . Bless CyPhEr777

Heroes – Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid