Advance Review: Saigon – GSNT3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard

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For what felt like an eternity, Saigon had been involved in so many other activities that it seemed like his music career was a thing of the past. Just Blaze even addresses the issue on the emcee’s powerful new album, “GSNT3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard.” During a conversation with Clev Trev(on the “Back to Reality” intro)Saigon plays the producer a voicemail message with Blaze stating, “No more of this reality show TV…Just get back to the music. Please get back to what you do best.” Saigon takes him up on his word and resurrects his rap career with “Come Alive”(ft. Corbett). On the track, the lyricist disses rappers known more for materialism than material(“None of y’all could be the new Tupac/We ain’t hear about Tupac’s watch)and tells listeners that he’s back for good. “Street Gospel” finds Saigon commenting on the falsehood and fallacies of the music industry as he struggles to rise above and stay true to self. Jericho elevates the chorus with his soulful crooning. “Definitions from Bryonn Bain” is a scorching 44 second track showcasing the mind-numbing creativity of the spoken word poet and prison activist. “Sinner’s Prayer” has Saigon questioning whether or not The Lord will let him enter the gates of heaven after a lifetime of depraved behavior. Papoose and Omar Epps(Yep,THAT Omar Epps) provide lyrical assistance.

“My Mama Think I’m Crazy”(ft. Curbside Hustle)presents his mother’s viewpoint on Saigon’s hardcore lifestyle, growing up. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased. “Mine Mine Mine” positions Saigon in a state of mind where he lays claim to just about…everything. “Lets Get Smart” is Premier doing what he does best as he lays the funky groundwork for the emcee’s refusal to dumb down his lyrics. “One Foot In The Door” brings Big Daddy Kane back into the fold…hopefully for good! And, “Nunya” is another Premier produced masterpiece that’s been in heavy rotation for anyone with excellent taste.

“Best Mistake”(ft. G. Martin)is a catchy love song minus the cheesiness that this kind of track tends to fall into. “Deception” recounts a tale of how a female played Saigon out and landed the rapper a bid in prison…but is it true? Listen to find out. “Bring That” is a hard-hitting track where Saigon engages his girl in a phone conversation from prison. But it’s not all love and kisses as he tells her to bring some street product to boost his cash flow. “Mechanical Animals” is a dream posse cut from heaven where Memphis Bleek, Lil Bibby and even Saigon himself must bow down to the unstoppable force known as Kool G. Rap. “Contraband 3” discusses everything from New York rappers fallin’ off to conspiracy theories. The song ends with a telling line – “Malcolm X was just Tupac without the percussion/Who’d a thought it would’a amounted to nothing…until I came. “Reincarnation” closes out the album with Bryonn Bain once again regaling our senses with high intelligence and clever wordplay. Saigon lives up to the promise of being one of the best underground emcees in the game with this new release. His troubled times will be a thing of the past after the world embraces this album.

– Kevin Keith