Amatus – “Messin”(Jneiro Jarel Remix) Video

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When a skilled and soulful artist like Amatus joins forces with a risk-taking production mastermind like Jneiro Jarel, the possibilities for creative innovation are endless. That’s exactly why the pair’s first collaboration, “Messin”(Jneiro Jarel Remix) is light years ahead of the monotonous, mass-produced melodies favored by today’s Pop and R & B stars.

Jneiro(praised for his work on 2012’s JJ DOOM album)strips the original song to its bare essence. He isolates Amatus’ vocals, giving them a haunted, wounded quality that will burrow deep into your soul. Enhanced by a Dub style Reggae groove, the track can now only be described as PRIMAL. In the video, Amatus holds court on a field like a Brooklyn goddess. Spectators in the distance attempt to go about their daily routines, but they can’t avert their eyes from the power before them. Amatus forcefully nods her head to each syncopated beat. Every edit is designed to capitalize off of the singer’s playful nature and supernatural connection to Jneiro’s piercing rhythms. Even Amatus’ glorious mane of wild hair appears to take on a life of its own – twisting, turning, expanding & nearly enveloping the screen as the clouds above beg to partake in the fun.

If this single and video are a sign of more greatness to come from Amatus and Jneiro we are in for a treat. These two talents represent true artistry at its peak and soulful music at its finest.

– Kevin Keith

Check out the fantastic remix & original version below.