Another ILL release from central Florida. Review by CyPhEr777 aka C73 Eternal

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PROJECT SAVE C.A. HIRCUS- COLLEGE RADIO (The music Beck wishes he had made)

There are two risks involved with making innovative, exciting Hip Hop nowadays, first, you’ll either bomb miserably because the elements just don’t fit together or you’ll achieve near perfection but it will be so new that everybody will mostly likely sleep on it. Project Save C.A. Hircus have managed to create eight tracks of entertaining, feel-good, head-bop and sing along hip-hop that provides a great listen from start to finish. These cats simply know how to write good music with great hooks and choruses and pull all this creativity from multiple influences.

Project Save C.A. Hircus are primarily a duo coming out of the doldrums of central Florida. These two talented members are Jon Ditty on vocals and D-Rok mostly on production and handling the cuts. Despite the abundance of more hyped-style joints on this release, Jon Ditty manages to drop a handful of personable verses that let the listener in on real life thoughts and feelings of this emcee. While Ditty may live in the material world with the rest of us, his spirit soars to higher planes on songs like “Fanmail to Self” (although short at 51 seconds) and “(I) Run on Sentences” produced by Rob E. Rob. Rob’s production also shines on the track “Legislative Superfluum” and should be considered for future projects. Lyrically Jon D strikes the perfect balance between playful fun and verbal skills, never going too far over the listener’s head but not refusing to dumb down the lyrical and musical presentation. A perfect example of this equal tuning between sublime and silly can be found on the outstanding and long titled track “Soapbox Politician Dictating Nonsense from a Three Foot Radius” with a light D-Rok produced musical backdrop and scratching to boot.

This euphoric, breezy feel permeates the album and infuses the proceedings with a genuinely irresistible accessibility. You could cite numerous and varied individual examples of this group’s dopeness throughout, but suffice it to say each song is carefully crafted and produced with thought, not only with what the words say but how well they’ll be said when flowed to a beat. The surprise is that the track that Jon Ditty produced (Star Song) is just as good as the rest of the tracks and he should consider producing more. It can be equally said about D-Rok and his cuts. His cuts are not featured enough and it would be cool to hear a track with just him cutting it up just like the DJ’s in the past did. There are so many good tracks; it seems almost ridiculous to select individual ones. The whole album is built on skills like this, and is a treat for those who don’t know them but take a chance on them anyway. This is what I call a sleeper classic for the rest whose radar it goes under completely. “College Radio” is definitely worth picking up and easily one of the standout unique, fun, and comprehensive underground hip-hop releases of the year. Check them out for yourself and support at or Facebook. By CyPhEr777 aka C73 Eternal