Carl Kavorkian and Lou Cypher: Breaking Rules and Boundaries!!! Review by C73 Eternal

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 Carl Kavorkian is more than just one of many dope artists from Philly. Some of the reasons are because, he already has a number of releases under his belt and because he’s one of the more prominent rappers from the “City of Brotherly Love”, and because he does more than just emcee. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing 2 previous Carl Kavorkian releases and it’s evident that he’s found his niche with his newest product. One thing for sure, Carl has never been afraid to reveal who he really is and what’s he’s about. To be this way is a very rare feat in of it self in the music industry. Kavork likes to jolt listeners out of their comfort zones and push boundaries and that’s a testament to how dope of an artist he is and how complete of an LP that “The Happiest Sad Face” is as well.

Obviously being in the age of supreme technology, we as artists are offered many opportunities to take our craft in many different directions. CK took advantage of this opportunity and recruited the talents of German producer/emcee Lou Cypher. My first inro to Lou Cypher came in the form of a full-length project called Freitod “Die Hoffnung Stirbt Zuerst” (which translates to Suicide “Hope Dies First”) a couple of years ago. The style displayed was extremely progressive in it’s audio and visual elements and I was hooked immediately. I contacted Lou Cypher and kept in contact with him learning that he too was a multi-talented individual and that he and Carl would team up for a future project. Lou’s production style can be best described as raw, dissonant, harmonically unresolved and unrelenting which suits Kavorkian’s style to a tee. With what Lou Cypher offers in production, Carl is able to roam the spacious environment and play with vocal styles, which expanded his creativity as a lyricist. Metaphorically speaking, Lou Cypher is like a control tower guiding Carl Kavorkian in for a smooth landing after a successful flight.

Although the vibe on “THSF” is dark and moody, it also drops knowledge and introspective subject matter that draws you in to Carl’s vulnerable side. Yes he’s raw and takes no ish but he’s mature and fights to do what’s right. The lyricism is ALWAYS on point and Lou Cypher’s beats sound better with each and every subsequent track. Although there are minimal cameos, Carl chose the right individuals to rep this LP. Many artists whether solo or in a group allow too many cameos on their releases that at times greatly detract from the whole result. Carl and Lou were smart in only selecting the three ill emcees that would mesh well with this project.  Megabusive (Live To Deaf), BrokenKlutch (Falling Asleep at the Wheel) and Teddy Faley (Prelude to a New Life) each make separate appearances and destroy their pieces only making this project even more powerful. The one track that really hit me was “Father” because the subject matter really hit close to home. Carl my brother, I was that kid too.

With all this in mind, Carl and Lou are currently poised to conquer the earth, either separately or connected, however together they are beginning to let the world know that an underground Hip Hop scene exists where artists can easily connect while breaking through many of the obstacles and boundaries in front of them. The Hip Hop landscape as a whole may never get this edge back, but this album stands as a testament for all time to the channeling of sheer fury into a display of pure power lyrically and musically. Please support Carl Kavorkian and Lou Cypher by hitting up:

Bless C73 Eternal