Skillz Has A “Bad Attitude”

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They say a lot of things about Skillz…but he’s cool. Check out the ill lyricist as he delivers the funk on “Bad Attitude!”

Sha Stimuli Drops “The Wake Part 1”

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“If you don’t like the life that you live you might as well get buried!” Sha Stimuli brings Hip Hop back from the dead & delivers the Redd Lettaz laced …

Flu Delivers “Anti-Hero” (Video)

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Flu gets vengeance on his enemies while serving a dope Discourse directed visual to all the rhyme fiends! Check out “Anti-Hero” below!

Al.Divino – “Dump Gawd: Divino Edition”

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With all the Dump Gawd editions floating around we were feeling in an al.divino state of mind. Let’s revisit his take on the explosive project that appears in other iterations …

Certain.Ones Say “Lemme@Em”

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Bobby Craves, DZL, Neto & Farma try to maintain their cool instead of smashing life’s undesirable elements to bits. ‘Problem is, the pressure’s building!!! If the banger below is an …

Internet Strangers Deliver “99”

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Internet Strangers are huddled together in the dark recesses of your laptop devising a plot to overthrow the government. Last time they took their first shot with “Noche” & now …

Tha Soloist Releases “Go Figa”

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Tha Soloist was ripped out the womb to wreak havoc on all the wack emcees! Check out the rap warlord as he tears into Illah Dutch’s supreme soundscape on “Go …