Delving into Paranormal Activity with Nomar Slevik on “The Sound” by CYPHER73

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Nomar Slevik – The Sound


I’ve done a few reviews of Nomar Slevik’s material throughout the last 5 or 6 years. He’s been at it as an artist since around ’04 and seems to get better with each subsequent project he releases. On top being an accomplished musician/emcee, he also moonlights as a Paranormal Investigator/Crypto-zoologist/Ufologist.  Slevik is all about full disclosure when it comes to what he’s about as an individual and what he’s into. It’s what makes him great.


Since this was given to me over a month ago, I’ve listened to it multiple times, always finding new things that I didn’t notice previously. The project itself is very similar (NOT exactly like) a De La Soul album. Not in the vibe, tempo or style but in the way it’s laid out. It’s essentially an audio storybook that contains excerpts from radio shows like Coast to Coast AM featuring George Noory on the track “Paul/Damages”, to personal Paranormal experiences by Slevik himself on the title track “The Sound” and the aforementioned “Paul/ Damages”. The final track (“UFO Over Starks”) is a reading of a UFO incident read by an individual named Kyle Sawyer. Interspersed between many of the tracks are other excerpts from TV shows/Movies and classic beats we all know and love.


Lastly, I know there are people who frown upon the subject of the Paranormal and associated topics but take this into serious consideration. While you’re reading this review or other topics on this site or are lollygagging online like posting witty FaceBook posts, there are people really doing the legwork in these fields. They’re out in the forests investigating and on hillsides/mountainsides looking up in the sky and documenting their experiences. Take in to account that the UNIVERSE is APPROXIMATELY 14 BILLION years old (if you can’t do the math, that’s on you) and in those BILLIONS of years, how can we (Humans on Earth) be the ONLY intelligent beings in existence (not to mention the many dimensions that operate within the space time continuum)? Let alone, the fact that modern humans have been on Earth for APPROXIMATELY for 200,000 years and there’s still VAST parts of land and sea that have not been explored. Anywayz, this project is extremely DOPE and will hold your attention throughout it’s play. Listen multiple times, you won’t regret it! Support by hitting up    or

 Bless, C73