Drake reveals a “playlist” project with Apple

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In a recent interview, Drake revealed that he will be releasing a “playlist” as his next project. In the ever-evolving music industry, approaches to marketing music are being reinvented regularly. During a discussion on the Cal Cast podcast, Drake described his next project by explaining that it’s “a playlist with Apple,” further adding- “it’s body of work…just to sort of bridge the gap between my major releases.” It will be interesting to learn how this differs from a mixtape, which is another term that has taken on different meanings throughout the years- most recently as a label for a collection of music that isn’t as cohesive as an official album. In the era of Spotify and other streaming platforms, we’ve come to identify a “playlist” as a collection of previously released songs by various artists curated by a user or brand. However, this doesn’t appear fit the description of Drake’s project. Only time will tell if the term “playlist” will go on to take artist’s releases in a whole new direction. Take a listen to the podcast for more insight into Drake’s upcoming endeavors. -Israel Vasquetelle