Hip Hop Industry Spotlight: John Jigg$ interview

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Hip Hop artist John Jigg$ on Blaxploitation films and inspiration.

Interview by Israel Vasquetelle

Insomniac Magazine previously told you about amazing lyricist John Jigg$’s new album collaboration entitled, “Twin Cannons” with Swedish production phenom K-Sluggah.  This powerhouse release features authentic Hip Hop vibes throughout. Now, we get in-depth insight into this talented Long Island, New York based artist’s take on crafting his latest release, as well delving into his maneuvers to break into the Hip Hop music industry.

Sit back and enjoy this Hip Hop discussion that covers everything from a classic film era, to the art of Boom Bap, and John Jigg$’s mission on rocking stages, and taking his performances overseas.

Interview by Israel Vasquetelle.