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Baltimore Hip Hop talent Ullnevano shares his story on this exclusive interview with Insomniac Magazine.

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How’s the Hip Hop scene in Baltimore?

The hip hop scene in Baltimore has a lot of culture. It’s very diverse and somewhat segregated, because there’s the underground emcees, the underground rappers that are more into the business, and then you have the weird trap emo type style- dope in there own way though.

How many projects have you released?

I’ve released a slew of eight projects since I’ve lived in Baltimore from the “Color” series such as purple through brown. My latest release is called “Adventure Rhyme” entirely produced by Manhattan, KS producer [w].

Can you discuss your live performances?

I’ve been performing live shows for more than 7 years, locally and up and down the east coast. I was actually on a few tour dates with Scienze, for his “Evrythng Good Tour.” That was real dope to be a part of that. My live show consists of a lot of energy, showcasing lyricism and just having fun on the stage. When I’m performing, I’m absolutely free for those 15 to 20 mins on stage. I try to improve on my set by getting inspired from emcees such as Little Brother, Evidence and Oddisee who puts on an amazing show.

What do you feel separates you from the masses of artists in Hip Hop?

I think my style and the way I rhyme stands out from the masses in hip hop, I do get heavily influenced, but I try to always put my own twist on things and [I’m] constantly always learning, experimenting with different styles rhyme patterns. Each project I find myself writing differently and topics are constant changing.

What is Hip Hop to you?

Hip Hop to me is culture, and it’s an artform that I feel in my heart can never be duplicated. And I find peace when being a part of hip hop, whether it’s me writing, listening to beats, podcasts or even trying to keep up with what’s going on in the blogosphere.

What’s your long term goal?

My long term goal is to actually release a solo album with the right production, the right features (I already have my wish list of people I would like to work with). And simply be able to live comfortably off this music. I can see myself making a living off touring on some Murs ish.

Can you share how you’ve gone about marketing yourself so far?

I feel like consistency is key, and also being different as far as your concepts for projects. I’m always thinking- what can I do differently from the last project? I feel like staying online promoting yourself constantly, and you sending out the emails to blogs building relationships I honestly feel that’s the most effective, like Praverb said (R.I.P.) “don’t stress yourself out for not being on the popular blogs, continue to send music to the smaller ones that has supported you from day one.”

What are you top five emcees?

My top five is constantly changing because there’s so many dope emcees, but currently residing in my top five are Elzhi, Phonte, Homeboy Sandman, Planet Asia and Black Thought.

Do you produce your own music?

I don’t produce music, current producers I’m working with out Logic Marselis, Illien Rosewell, and [w].

Describe the filming of your music video?

The video that was just released is called “Touch Some Luck” it was directed by a good friend of mine I work closely to named “CamCamatv” and the process only took maybe about five hours of that day, from location scouting wanting to find backdrops that really popped, because his editing game is crazy. Even the whole scene where I was in the crib, I just had a vision in mind like that’s what I wanna do at the beginning of the video, we had fun shooting it, it reminds me of Fall night type vibes.

How do you define success?

I find success is if you have a goal in life no matter how big or small it is, and you achieve it; that’s success to me. I write a verse a day, that’s success to me.

Anything you’d like to say before we wrap up?

Shouts out to the team MGNTK, London Boii, Logic Marselis, Illien Rosewell, and Yung D the Pilot. These cats keep me motivated and working- lyricism and boom bap beats are coming back in the forefont.

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