Ida Divine, new era diva’s career helps define today’s music industry

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Soulstress, Vintage Warrior and Entrepreneur: Ida Divine interview by Israel Vasquetelle

As rich as the genre has been historically, sometimes it feels as though soul music is a lost art form. Within the last couple of decades, with few exceptions– such as the amazing Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse, and Charles Bradley– there seems to be significantly less attention paid to contemporary music that embraces an unbridled sense of soul. We first told you about the incredibly talent Ida Divine two years ago. Since then, she’s continued to push the boundaries of bringing soul to the forefront of her music and art. Ida’s sound is an eclectic sonic mash-up of afro-caribbean flavors, classic R&B, with a twist of golden era Hip Hop. Beyond the authentic vintage urban flair she exudes within her music, this modern-day soul diva has an unrelenting drive to thrive as an independent artist in the immensely competitive environment of the music industry. This includes producing her own music, booking shows, crafting her brand, designing her marketing materials, and writing and illustrating a book.

Ida has proven to be a superior branding practitioner in all of her artistic endeavors. Her carefully crafted sound and look exudes confidence with an authentic vintage flair. This, along with immense marketing savvy, makes her a model example of what it takes to effectively maneuver as an entrepreneurial artist.  In this exclusive interview with Insomniac Magazine, this distinctive talent shares insight into her art, inspirations, and her approach to branding and moving within the new era of the music industry.

If you’re a fan of quality R&B or an artist looking to learn from an effective indie music marketer, take time to absorb the jewels within this interview.

If you haven’t yet, take a dive deep into the creative world of Ida Divine with her latest release “Marshmellows & Machetes.”