Insomniac Magazine’s Hip Hop Weekly Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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Just when you thought we’d be taking it easy in 2017, Insomniac Magazine works even harder to deliver the HEAT! Experience the power of the underground when you check out the Top 10!

1) PLANET ASIA, HUS KINGPIN & ROZEWOOD “Made It” to #1 with a triumphant Sonny Vintage laced banger that conjures reflective vibes mixed with unbridled Boom Bap! The Gold Chain General & Lord Wavy set the track on fire with meditative jewels of verbal mastery as Ghxst Gxd delivered a memorably chilling chorus guaranteed to give goosebumps to the hardest thug! This crew is handing out “Velour Portraits” to those who are worthy. Be inspired by their sonic canvass but never try to duplicate the original. Planet Asia & #TheWinners are in a class of their own!

2) QB RAP P & TRAGEDY KHADAFI linked up with TEK of Smif N Wessun to cement their “G Status” on a KILLER track that will claw its way into your brain and implant itself there until you respect the funk! Lyrically & musically, the joint radiates brilliance. Menacing rhymes take on an even more threatening tone when bathed in ominous piano keys, sinister grooves, and slick beats. This is that “Live Generals” s**t! Salute the commanders of the Hip Hop infantry and always respect the skills!

3) DAVE EAST, METHOD MAN, MAX B, HANZ ON x JOE YOUNG on a Dame Grease laced track? Yep. You’re not dreaming. The s**t’s VERY real! On “Eviction,” the MC innovators ride the insanely funky soundscape ’til their mics melt from all the heat! This is that laid back, cruise around the city kind’a joint you need for the weekend. Give it up for the “Home Team!” Play it LOUD!

4) O.C. is “Serious” about delivering dope music to the listeners. That’s why his new Gwop Sullivan produced joint is so damn good! The “Same Moon Same Sun” power gem isn’t JUST an irresistibly catchy track designed to make your head nod. It’s also a powerful commentary on political and social machinations seen through the eyes of one of Hip Hop’s greatest & most underrated legends. S**t’s way beyond serious…and O.C.’s gonna tell you all about it!

5) RAN REED & SHABAAM SAHDEEQ are “Still Commanding Respect” and we wouldn’t expect anything less after checking out their ill collabo joint, “The Innovator.” Mind-numbing rhymes combined with funky violins and a clever Erick Sermon sample add up to dope ass music! Wannabes must be on the jock of the innovator. No question. Lesser emcees try to ride the wave but drown in the attempt.

6) SUPREME CEREBRAL & ELOH KUSH are cooking up a new collabo project in the lab called “Clark Connoisseurs.” To celebrate the impending release, they delivered a MAJOR treat to fans with the RECOGNIZE ALI & DANIEL SON featured, “Red Velvet Mocks.” The Juelz White laced single eschewed any Boom Bap leanings in favor of a soulful solitary loop custom made for royalty. Each of the underground kings spit gems that will leave listeners in awe. Their “Red Velvet Mocks” can be admired but you don’t possess the courage to walk in their shoes!

7) BOZACK MORRIS served listeners a delicious gumbo stew of soul, rock, funk, and boom bap garnished with a spicy topping of “Reality Rap” delivered by master lyricist, MEYHEM LAUREN. The transformative track emits a mystical vibe that is comparable to a magic carpet ride transporting the listener to sonic ecstasy. “Loose Cannons 002” is the majestic platter from which this jewel emerges. Don’t worry about the frigid weather outside. Bozack Morris assures us that there’s plenty more heat to come!

8) Toronto, Buffalo, and Rochester join forces as ASUN EASTWOOD, CONWAY THE MACHINE & BLACK NAZI link up to body an Uncle Doe laced banger called “My City Pt. II.” If you thought this terror trifecta was playing last year, they make it clear that in 2017 they’re out to wreck your entire career! Don’t attempt to stop the takeover because it’s gonna happen! Accept your fate & leave the mic alone!

9) Not having MACH HOMMY on the list is like not having a list at all. The fast-rising lyrical mastermind teamed up with Alchemist for his latest Craft Single called “Brand Name” & showed other emcees how to get the job done! His smooth, effortless flow combined with Alchemist’s bouncy groove proved to be a great match. The name’s Mach Hommy and the brand is EXCELLENCE.

10) JOEY BADA$$ gets the final word with his politically charged Kirk Knight & 1-900 laced master cut, “Land Of The Free.” The Pro Era visionary shares his incendiary opinions on Donald Trump, racism, the prison system, and modern society in general. It takes a powerful emcee to boldly speak his mind without caving in to the sanitized mindset imposed on the masses by both the media & the government. Joey is too much of an individual to ever betray his morals. The lyricist speaks to the soul of the disenfranchised & lets them (US) know that someone cares!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith