Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten

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Celebrating quality Hip Hop music. Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

Let’s face it, the mainstream rap game is loaded with weak lyricists, tired production and cookie cutter personas. The reality is that in 2017, those revered by the masses typically aren’t representing the best that Hip Hop has to offer. That’s why for over 20 years, Insomniac Magazine has dug deep to bring you the true practitioners of artful lyricism, intricate delivery and solid production that embodies the authenticity Hip Hop was built on by trailblazing inner city youth four decades ago.  The magazine’s founders, grew up on the same streets during its birth and golden era. They were witness to the greatness that the genre was built on. They might not be celebrated by the major media conglomerates and record labels who tend to set perceptions maintained by most about the genre despite their roots being far removed from the culture’s origins, but that’s alright. Our reward is spreading quality Hip Hop year after year. Here’s this week’s top ten. Tell your friends, real Hip Hop lives.

1) WESTSIDEGUNN & MACH HOMMY reunite for some witty wordplay on the mic with the Daringer produced, “Macho On Coke.” The lyrical barbarians do massive damage to the aural work of art painstakingly crafted by Griselda’s in-house sonic landscaper while adding another dope joint to the canon of wrestling themed tributes. You don’t need to be on coke to appreciate the skills…but if you’re the competition it might be the only thing to help you keep up!

2) MC WHITEOWL takes centerstage on an epic DJ Fred Ones audio attack called “The Main Event!” The lyrical renegade sets things off with stream of consciousness rhymes that perfectly mesh with Fred’s wiry boom bap soundscape. Zoning out in an existential crisis, The action kicks into high gear because of the Certain.Ones spitter’s unflagging passion! Dope cuts compliment the sonic adventure & keep the crowd cheering for more!

3) K-DEF drops a special treat for fans in the form of THE ARTIFACTS featured, “Left In My Dust!” Raw, boulder-crushing beats tailored to verbal heat from the legendary Tame One & El Da Sensei, stomp out the weak over saturation of rap crap and resurrect the REAL Hip Hop true heads have been missing. Rappers get left in the dust as K-Def & The Artifacts excel!

4) K-HILL & PRECYCE POLITIX transform into STALLONE & WEATHERS on their earth-shaking debut, “The First Line.” The super producer & rhyme assassin serve up an instantly addictive slice of sonic heat that provides a preview of the audio action expected on their upcoming project. Mumble mouth rappers the world over are killing themselves after one listen to the track. All we can say is, “Play it again!”

5) RECOGNIZE ALI & VERBAL KENT team up to deliver “Miracles” on the mic in the final single released before the “Allah’s Favorite” LP drops on the masses. Eyedee contributes his superior brand of production heat as DJ TMB shreds the turntables to pieces. Rappers can’t touch the godly pen game of the lyricists involved. Battle them on the mic & it would be a miracle if you survived!

6) MACH HOMMY x THA GOD FAHIM return to showcase their ill, tag team style on “Niggarati Manor.” The “Dollar Menu 3: Dump Gawd Edition” banger laced by Farmazan is a head nodder that allows more than enough space for the lyricists to breathe & do their thing! It’s time you were served a full plate of brain food. Pick up the damn fork & START EATING!!!

7) PLANET ASIA couldn’t give two f**ks about the summer because everyday for him is “Medallions Season!” DirtyDiggs lace the event with the sonic supremacy other producers aspire to…but sadly, will never achieve…as the lyrical god spits more of that oral alchemy that cements his status as king of the underground!

8) “Imperius Rex” is right around the corner…and depending on when you read this, it might already be here! The final platter of the legendary SEAN PRICE is represented here with a PRODIGY & STYLES P featured banger called, “The 3 Lyrical Ps.” Harry Fraud laces the 3 supreme spitters with a track that possesses an atmospheric, almost primitive feel. The joint gets savagely ripped by the trio & gives everyone one more reason to cop the new album August 8th!

9) IDE reels listeners into his psychedelic mind state with the Lucky Loopiano & Kelly Finnigan produced, “Nirvana.” Traveling at the speed of thought has never been more fun as the lyrical visionary challenges us to open our minds to new experiences & perceptions of reality. ‘Nuff props to Kenny Shumaker for bringin’ the visuals to life. “Breathe Easy.” It’s about to go down!

10) ALASKA & CRYPTIC ONE send us off on a high note with a new IT banger called “W.F.A.F.” The dope “World Famous Atoms Fam” joint allows the lyricists to air their grievances while spitting heat over a track that conjures a melancholy mood without sacrificing the boom bap. It’s Hip Hop at its most reflective. Listen to the lyrics & respect the skills!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith