Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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Insomniac Magazine’s latest Top Ten list is on full display…and if you’re an artist with the word “Flood” or “Exotic” in your name you’re about to have an extremely good week! Check out the action below. The countdown begins NOW!

1) Brilliant in both concept & execution, Rast’s latest gem, “Dear God,” explores life from two extremely different perspectives. We begin our journey in the body of an upper class white male who gloats over his privileged existence. Wearing racism like a badge of honor, he thanks a higher power for his superior upbringing & societal advantages. The “Trayvons” & “Raekwons” of the world aren’t even worthy enough of being a speck in his rearview mirror as he sails through life with ease. Another reality allows us to inhabit the disgruntled & desperate frame of a black male with nothing to lose. Hatred has long replaced hope…as if there was ever any to begin with. Waking up to curse God is the daily routine as he robs, lies, and commits acts of violence to maintain his survival. Rast beautifully ties the entire affair together with Bernard Herrmann’s “Prelude”(Psycho Theme) and delivers a full plate of sonic nourishment that allows us to reflect on his message and marvel at his talent for 3 minutes and 24 seconds of musical glory.

2) NEEK THE EXOTIC & BUMPY KNUCKLES teamed up to survey the current Hip Hop landscape and didn’t like what they saw. To correct the problem they dropped bars of fury on a can’t miss banger called, “What Kind Of S**t Is This.” You can’t help but nod your head to a joint so tremendous it’ll rattle your floor & blast a hole through your ceiling! Hip Hop is alive & well. Neek & Bumpy are the lifeblood of the culture!

3) SUPREME CEREBRAL & NOWAAH THE FLOOD join forces for a new track of artistic brilliance called “Basquiat Thoughts.” Production maverick, Kurse, paints a flawless sonic canvas that inspire the lyrical gods to flex divine bars with the utmost proficiency. Listening to this track is a form of mental elevation. If you don’t agree you can eat their excrement!!! ‘Knowledge their wisdom and ascend to greatness!

4) As TONE ATLAS breaks down the power of “Gold Bars,” we see platinum plaques in the lyricist’s future. The Elemnt laced gem from the upcoming “Water To Wine” album finds the spitter supreme quickly rising up the ranks of the Hip Hop ladder. Leading the charge to rid the world of colorful dread-headed mumble rappers, we know Tone will eradicate the nonsense to always deliver quality BARS!

5) NOWAAH THE FLOOD & THE MALI EMPIRE are not to be f***ed wit’! “All Day” is more of that “Private Stock” that was too dope to be withheld from public consumption! Nowaah reminisces on his days as a fan of Hip Hop. Now he EMBODIES Hip Hop…which means the lyrical champion has come full circle. The super spitter has one of the best delivery/content combos in the biz. We could listen to this joint all day. Check it out & you’ll feel the same way too!

6) People seem to have forgotten what the “Real NY City” is all about. NEEK THE EXOTIC & CRAIG G deliver a powerful reminder with a Big Malk laced banger that serves as an aural adventure through the “Rotten Apple.” A soul-drenched 70’s infused soundscape launches the emcees into action as the warriors of wordplay bless the mic with uncontested skills in the booth. The Real NY City involves a winner’s mentality. Simply put, these lyricists can’t lose!

7) Raw. Aggressive. Talented as f**k!!! NOWAAH THE FLOOD, CA$ABLANCA & JAY HOLLY abduct Cap Chino’s dense underground soundscape and hold it hostage until it gives up the sonic dividends! “SH!TS LOCKED!” showcases three of the most skilled spitters on the rise catching wreck like a tractor- trailer accident on I-95. The rhyme renegades keep the industry exciting. They’ve got the game on lock!

8) These wack ass rappers ain’t ill wit’ the pen…but SAGEINFINITE sure is as he takes the wannabes to task & proceeds to “Air ‘Em Out.” The Cuns produced banger is a true head nodder that you’ll pump up loud for maximum pleasure. The track accentuates #TheWinners spitter’s bars by enveloping them in hardcore beats & rhythms. SageInfinite states that he “belongs with the titans.” In our minds, he’s already there!

9) RECOGNIZE ALI, KWOTE1 & ALEX SOSA are “Merciless” on a Native Beats production that will leave bullet holes in the competition! The intensity of the rhymes signals that the crew plan to initiate a bloody massacre. They do exactly that on the “Imperious” track and leave us thirsting for another slaughter when they’re done. Music like this is not for the weak of heart. So man up & take a listen. Kindness can be a major asset in life…but showing no mercy has its advantages too!

10) Creative Juices Music dropped an irresistible banger in the form of IDE & Warryn Syde’s DEFIANT III cut, “Mad World.” It’s the perfect soundscape for the times we’re living in & the emcees leave a powerful stamp on the track with a savage display of venomous rhymes! Jise, Alucard, and IDE are defiant in their promise to maintain the integrity of Hip Hop. The adventure begins with this track but continues with their debut platter later in the year!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith