Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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Insomniac’s Weekly Top Ten brings the BOOM BAP to your speakers with a selection of dope tracks you’re guaranteed to keep on repeat. Get ready for the action & check the sounds!

1) MACH-HOMMY is the king of free-form, stream of consciousness rhymes & CONWAY reigns supreme over the underground…so there was no way the super-spitters’ “HBO” collabo, “Midnite Xpress,” could ever disappoint! The August Fanon laced power punch to the gut utilizes an urgent, soulful loop & hardcore drumbeat to maximum effect as the lyricists chew up the sonic scenery around them and elevate Hip Hop with every breath! PRESS PLAY below & take the midnite Xpress to excitement!

2) NOWAAH THE FLOOD linked up with Kurse for more top tier production heat and delivered “Ball Court Libations” to the listeners! As the lyrical juggernaut poured out new rhymes to the masses we were able to enter a dark realm of unrivaled sonic excellence that kept us captivated at every turn. The underground wouldn’t be the same without tracks like this. Open the FLOODgates & let the music flow!

3) HEEM STOGIED delivers the jazziest romantic serenade to hit the underground in eons with the DirtyDiggs laced masterpiece, “One Queen.” The love struck lyricist takes over the mic & speaks his desires into reality by spelling out the valuable qualities his mate must possess. The passionate energy permeates through the speakers as DirtyDiggs cradle his amorous musings with superior, horn-laden, behind the boards support guaranteed to impress all ladies & capture the heart of his true queen!

4) DANIEL SON’s ‘thoughts are so deep he gets lost in his own mind!’ It’s lines like this that keep the Brown Bag Money warlord on top of the Insomniac chart & ya best believe he’s here again with the PhybaOptikz laced power track, “Sliding Doors.” No other artist drops heat as consistently as the Toronto mic wrecka & we doubt anyone ever will! On this rewind-worthy gem, the super lyricist rips into a sinister soundscape that creeps up on the listeners and lures us into his action-packed environment! You might have to look over your shoulder but Daniel Son’s Kevlar rhymes will shield you from any harm. Give the man 100 Racks for supplying an endless stream of audio entertainment. You’ll NEVER be disappointed!

5) ESTEE NACK linked up with XCEL to deliver a new underground jewel called “Onyx.” The Vinyl Villain produced banger utilizes a Biggie vocal sample(“Black Timbs & Black Hoodies”) to underscore the dark, shadowy elements of the murky, Boom Bap soundscape. Estee Nack & Xcel launch into their nocturnal nature to decimate the dense production and return home with another coveted gem for their collection. Beware the night & respect the skills!

6) Tel Aviv production powerhouse, COHENBEATS, joined forces with lyrical mastermind, QUELLE CHRIS, on the power proclamation, “Daily Affirmations.” Over a moody, soul-fueled backdrop, the duo prove they’re good enough, smart enough, and GOTDAMN it, people like them, as listeners are transported into aural ecstasy. There’s nothing that compares to Hip Hop music that puts you in the zone and helps you escape your problems. “Daily Affirmations” does exactly that as it replenishes the spirit with brilliant bars & rhythms that never fail to excite. Look in the mirror while listening and be the best “YOU” you can be.

7) When you look up the definition of BANGER you’re sure to see a listing in BOLD ITALICS of D_DAVE & G.FISHER’s new Vinny Idol produced MONSTER joint, “Bars.” We can’t think of a track that hits harder than this colossal collabo between the Enterprize Entertainment heavyweights…and with dope lyrical content to match the stellar production, listeners are guaranteed to keep the joint on repeat all week long! You might not hear this on the radio but you WILL hear it everywhere else. D_Dave & G. Fisher bring the heat. Sit back & enjoy the show!

8) T3 paid tribute to his late Slum Village brother-in-rhymes, “Titus” (Baatin) Glover, by delivering deep reflections over lush production sent from the heavens by another SV alumnus, the legendary J Dilla. The track conjures positive vibes and hints at an everlasting bond that transcends the mortal coil. Arguments, lawsuits, mental illness and death will never overshadow the heart of the man. Titus lives on forever through his catalog of music and the memories of all those who loved him.

9) YOUR OLD DROOG teamed up with DANNY BROWN for a funky, humorous banger he laced along with Edan & El RTNC called, “Grandma Hips.” Y.O.D. warms us up with his trademark wit & lands a clever punchline about a certain metal-masked faced villain before a mellow transition kicks in. Once Danny enters the booth with his animated flow, the entire affair transforms into a Looney Tunes cartoon…One you can’t & WON’T want to turn off! “PACKS” is stacked with heat. Play this track & watch your speakers BURN!!!

10) We love to end the countdown off on a strong note & what better way than with the groove-filled Seven laced “Captain California” master cut, “Lemon Juice!!!” MURS & CURTISS KING take playful yet biting shots at each other to “thin the herd” in hopes of capturing a fly shorty’s affection. These guys could write a best-selling 10 volume series on snaps if this track is any indication. They never run out of disses and we’re laughing all the way. We loved this joint & anyone who shares a friendly rivalry with their homies will appreciate the effort. Strange Music make great music. Murs, Curtiss King & Seven will brighten your day!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith