Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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Insomniac’s Weekly Top Ten gives ya what you need when you want it! So what are you waiting for?!? THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!

1) TAIYAMO DENKU delivers a horrifyingly incredible DCypha laced thrillfest that will send chills down the spines of lesser emcees! “Nobody” provides confirmation that the Milwaukee Mic Marauder’s upcoming “Plant The Seed” album will stomp out all other projects in its path! Inventively twisted bars from the creative mastermind combined with a paranoia inducing soundscape add up to great music! We can’t wait to experience the next unhinged wave of insanity!

2) ROB VIKTUM enlisted LIL FAME, SKREWTAPE & GUILTY SIMPSON for an action-packed heist of the underground charts on “Shoot The Messenger.” The title track of the super producer’s upcoming album BASHES listeners upside the head with the hardest beats & bars in the industry! Many people have no idea what REAL Hip Hop sounds like. For a lesson in what it’s all about, look no further than the track below!

3) Some artists seem to literally appear out of nowhere and grab the attention of the listeners! POSTER CHILD & PAULIIITO did that for us with their Jas Avery laced power banger, “Distrikt 9.” These guys have an INSANE amount of skills for a crew new to the scene. Their dope bars, catchy cadences & chorus combined with a sci-fi inspired soundscape annihilate all tracks stacked up against it! Crying babies, smooth vocal co-signs from the producer, and an irresistible bassline only add to the funk-filled madness. We get why lil’ mamas wanna bounce to a n***a. Enter Distrikt 9. You won’t be disappointed!

4) AL.DIVINO always holds it down on the countdown! Now that he’s teamed up with Mutant Academy member, FLY ANAKIN & Tragic Allies’ ESTEE NACK you best believe he’s on it again! The three lyrical prophets unleash holy hell on a funky joint laced by Al himself called “Kapers.” Each emcee flexes pugilistic rhymes of fury that batter the track to a bloody pulp! It’s another win for the trifecta as they bless listeners with the best music the underground has to offer!

5) MILANO CONSTANTINE gears up for the release of his forthcoming “The Way We Were” album(produced by Marco Polo & DJ Skizz) with a banger designed to bring “That Feeling” back! True heads are craving head-nodding Boom Bap & well-crafted rhymes that favor articulation over mumbling. Milano & Marco Polo deliver in spades with a joint guaranteed to sit comfortably at the top of your playlist. We got that feeling! Now we want to play it again!

6) LIL ETO x V DON paint spectacular portraits of street life on the “Omerta The Film” standout selection, “High.” There’s so much drama within the 5 minute mini-epic that you’ll feel like you’ve lived out your entire life span 2 seconds before the track ends. Don’t panic though. It’s a satisfying and fulfilling journey that you’ll desire to revisit again. With the power of the PLAY button you can do just that. Hear the names Lil Eto & V Don and KNOW you’re in good hands!

7) CA$ABLANCA proves once again that he’s a one-man arsenal of firepower on the mic by incinerating a B-Sun laced soundscape called Scary Hours.” The gifted spitter rages onto the scene like a mic beast ready to devour his prey! Listen hard enough & you can almost hear him licking his chops! It’s getting scary for the competition. Y’all better stay inside!

8) We thought we were ready for anything RAEKWON could throw at us…but we weren’t prepared for this! The Chef served up another slice of sonic manna from his upcoming album, “the Wild,” with a J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League laced jam called “Purple Brick Road.” ‘Sounds normal enough right? NAH! The big twist is that G-EAZY’s also featured on the track. Not even M. Night Shyamalan could’ve pulled off that kind of head-spinning revelation…but remarkably it works…REALLY WELL! Sometimes you gotta take a risk. This was a big one…but in terms of both beats & lyrics it paid off brilliantly!

9) CHE GRAND is one FUNKY muthaf***er! Whenever he digs in the crates and chops up those soul samples we stop EVERYTHING we’re doing to nod our heads in glorious approval! Our musical trance deepened even further once we heard bars from his Lessondary crew comrade, DONWILL. The two sonic innovators break down “What It Means” to be a friend or foe and let those who wish them harm know they see through their phony facade. What this song means to us is an excellent representation of pure, authentic Hip Hop. We’re turning it up loud. You should too!

10) LOCAL-MU12 tell artists to focus on their craft and sharpen up their skills on the SADAT X, TORAE & FOKIS featured “Never Had” produced by Real McKoy. The “Everyday People” super cut stresses that determination and hard work pay off. Don’t let that dream die because the rewards for your struggle can be attained. If you think success is an impossibility remember one thing – The very artists you’re listening to started out in the same place. Look at ’em now!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith