Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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Insomniac Magazine’s 20+ year tradition of supporting quality Hip Hop music lives on. Lyrical dexterity, stellar production, impacful flow and authentic Hip Hop essence is what you’ll find  on the weekly top ten. Regardless of the music industry’s latest fad in the rap space, true heads know, real Hip Hop lives on Insomniac Magazine!

1) ANKHLEJOHN & HUS KINGPIN leave bloody corpses scattered across the terrain on the Big Ghost laced sonic blockbuster, “Original Man!” You can almost smell the fear instilled in the opposition by two mic murderers who refuse to take shorts! The lyrical renegades loom over their enemies like ghostly assassins plotting a vengeful attack! Hard beats & rhymes like this are what true heads need for survival. The underground(and the culture as a whole) score another win!

2) SOLO FOR DOLO & EL DA SENSEI deliver a Golden Era inspired, adrenaline fueled sonic injection titled “Boom Session!” The ways of the underground are fully expressed with an ill onslaught of lyrics & beats that dominate everything else on the market! Listen to the track & learn from the masters!

3) SON OF SAM bring a steady supply of instrumental heat to MASTA ACE & LARGE PROFESSOR’s Tom Caruana laced “Come A Long Way!” Reminiscing about the past has never sounded more soulful than it does on this 4 minute “Cinder Hill” masterpiece. For good vibes and quality lyrics you’ve come to the right place. Son Of Sam, Ace & Large Pro keep things extra funky!!!

4) MAX JULIAN provides the groove while RECOGNIZE ALI & CHRIS CRACK lay down the raps on the funk-drenched sonic confection, “Recognize Trill!” You’ll feel like you were transported back to the 70’s as the fever pitch dials up to ten. Get your pimp strut on & play this joint LOUD. Real recognize real…and it ain’t more trill than that!

5) There’s no denying that HUS KINGPIN is “The Wave Ambassador” & now he has a new track with ROZEWOOD to prove it!” The TuneSquad produced cut springs from the speakers with an ominous air that never relents. ‘All the better for #TheWinners to employ their deadly rhymes and wreak havoc on the industry! Someone’s gotta stomp out the sea of wackness running rampant on the scene. Hop on the wave & ride it to greatness!

6) FRED THE GODSON joined forces with CALI & JOELL ORTIZ on a Hesami heat rocket called “Tell Em!” Toe-to-Toe, Bar-for-Bar, they’ve got the game on lock! These guys shouldn’t have to tell the competition anything. With the rep these emcees have they should already know!

7) PLANET ASIA hits listeners with more “Dirty Planet” heat called “Glorious Cloths!” The DirtyDiggs powered cut kicks into action & definitely delivers with a majestically soulful soundscape befitting a king! Check your wardrobe & adorn your body with gold medallions. The season to shine is here & the outlook on life is simply glorious!

8) SAGEINFINITE is flourishing while your dollars decrease! #TheWinners lyricist sees y’all giving him the screwface & wants to know “Why You Envy?!?” The Shozae laced gem envelops Sage’s vocals with lush melodies as a contrast to the boom bap backdrop & raw lyricism. The end result is high quality Hip Hop represented to the fullest! The real reason they envy him is because he’s on top!

9) ILL GORDON is unleashed & ready to attack as he rips into a Reg Vader laced banger called “Dog!” The brutal #Barzondeck smackdown on wack emcees is all the evidence you need that he’s not the one to be f***ed wit’! When you possess the feral intensity of a beast on the mic people have to respect the skills! Tread lightly when crossing his path or feel the full wrath of his bite!!!

10) THA SOLOIST x B-SUN cap off our countdown with the perfect song to wrap up the season! “Summer Joint” immerses listeners in a wave of reflection that is amped up by the lyrical warrior’s passionate delivery and can’t miss production from B-Sun. This is that joint you bump in the ride on the way to the beach. The good weather won’t be around for long but dope music like this lasts forever!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith