Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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Top Ten anyone? We know you’ve been waiting! Check out the chart below…

1) ALPHA FAKTION flaunt the satisfaction that comes with having “Creative Control” as they tear into Marco Polo’s searing production on “System Shutdown.” Azwun & Kraze ILLA flex serious bars while exhibiting the unwavering confidence associated with NYC’s top lyricists. When you press play sonic paradise awaits. There’s no question that they’re shuttin’ down the game!

2) ROOK & MENACE just dropped the funkiest joint of this summer(and maybe next summer too!!!), so listeners better prepare themselves for 2 minutes and fifty seconds of Hip Hop ecstasy called “Sly Stone!” The duo bust thru your doors like the Feds do with a relentless rhyme spree, soulful horn hits, and glorious Boom Bap. Nod your head to this. You won’t be able to stop!

3) THE FUNK JUNKIE enlists the lyrical gifts of PROLYPHIC & ASPHATE OF MAXILLA BLUE for the majestic, Boom Bap backdrop of “Originals.” Laced with lush rhythms, the track succeeds in elevating your spirits while the acclaimed lyricists do the same for your intelligence. ‘Music for the mind…and we’re loving’ it!

4) BIG LENBO & LOGIC get “Ice Cold” on a 90’s inspired banger laced by the latter artist along with production powerhouse, 6ixvmg. The track sounds like the two emcees were studying classic ATCQ albums & decided to create their own updated take on the lauded Midnight Marauders of Hip Hop. The fact that the duo are able to pull it off…in a BIG WAY…says a lot about the talent involved. No wack wannabe s**t here. Big Lenbo & Young Sinatra are tha truth! It’s like that man, it’s like that!!!

5) JOELL ORTIZ is one of the greatest lyricists on the scene today. #FACTS. Unfortunately, the skills don’t always pay the bills as the Yaowa Nation General recounts on the !llmind laced banger, “Rap Millionaire.” The track is 4 minutes and 5 seconds worth of immaculate quotables we won’t spoil here…but we WILL guarantee you hours of rewind worthy action! What’s a guy gotta do to break the internet? We don’t know…and don’t care! Dope bars & Boom Bap are more important than clicks & views anyway!

6) It’s the “Return Of The Don” as KOOL G RAP joins forces with FAME, & FREEWAY for the MoSS laced banger, “Wise Guys!” Statik Selektah brings his mastery on the 1 & 2’s to the table as the lyricists body the beat with that hardcore s**t that keeps fans coming back for more!

7) SAGEINFINITE blazes thru EYEDEE produced supremacy on the underground monster joint, “Still Runnin!” It’s time to “get the money, money” ’cause cash makes the world go ’round! #TheWinners lyricist & the production mastermind keep all of us inspired to get our hustle on…but what are we really racing for when ultimately we all end up in the same place? SageInfinite & Eyedee catch us up to speed with a dope cut brimming with creativity. When anything drops from these two talents RUN out and cop it ASAP!

8) ELOH KUSH x BUDAMUNK deliver more compelling underground heat on the title track of their forthcoming “Fly Emperor” project. The New Jersey spitter & the Japanese behind the boards wizard work magic on the cut as powerful Boom Bap beats support Eloh’s resplendent rhymes. Get ready for the revolution & check the skills!

9) THE DOPPELGANGAZ prescribed a full dosage of “Rapamycin” for Hip Hop fans & the world will never be the same! One listen to the dope “Dopp Hopp” track is guaranteed to induce permanent mind-altering effects on its subject…so be warned! If you need a relief from the pain & stress of everyday life, check out the joint & get hooked on the sounds!

10) Dirty Waters lyricist, JAMAL GASOL, teamed up with SAGEINFINITE to drop an Intifada Beats laced banger called “Legendary.” We like to exit the countdown with a powerhouse joint that possesses instant replay value. THIS selection fits the bill by decimating the sonic landscape with an all-out lyrical assault & sinister grooves that raise the intensity of the track! Jamal & SageInfinite are two mic masters who can’t be defeated. ‘Pac & BIG are legends in the game…but expect two more names to be added to the list!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith