Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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Insomniac Magazine delivers another action-packed Top 10 adventure! Feast your eyes on the list below. The countdown begins!

1) Never enter CHINO XL’s palace without an invitation! The lyrical legend shuts down all pretenders to the throne as he delivers straight carnage to the competition on “King Chi!” The “Masterpiece Theater” banger finds our royal rhyme slayer sitting on a throne of skulls as he pens eulogies for his enemies. If you walk into the arena with ill intentions don’t expect to come out alive!

2) BIG LO delivers Sacred Crates laced “Wunderland Apokalypse” heat titled “The Lux/Double Down!” Shout f**k the police along with the lyricist as he bodies an ill track containing dope cuts, exotic grooves, and Lou Donaldson’s classic “Ode To Billie Joe” breakbeat! Don’t be soft like a hipster’s beard. Just double down on the sonic excitement below!

3) DANE UNO drops a megaton bomb of audio excellence on fans of true Hip Hop with the KOOL KEITH, SAV KILLZ & MATH HOFFA featured banger, “Dog Day!” The Quis Star laced highlight from the “Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light” album showcases 4 lyrical assassins “puttin’ the muscle to the hustle” on a funky boom bap track that gets shredded to pieces by the innovative rhymes & flows of the illustrious genre’s underground champions!

4) “If I had me a million dollars I’d get me a million copies of NOLAN THE NINJA’s brand new “YEN” album…” We’re adding our own spin on the lyricist’s intro to “14K”…but it definitely sounds like an investment worth making! Who can top Nolan’s passion & raw ferocity in the booth? The super-spitter amps up the energy & brings the heat every time! On his latest joint, the rapidly rhyming artist on the rise speaks a lavish lifestyle into existence while showcasing his flawless mastery on the mic! It’s just a taste of what to expect when the album drops on August 22nd. We KNOW you’re counting the days!

5)SUPREME CEREBRAL x NOWAAH THE FLOOD are two of the illest emcees on the underground…so the news that they’re dropping a collabo EP on fans is a major cause for celebration! Let’s add to that the fact that behind the boards genius, Kurse, is the sonic overseer of the whole damn thing! In other words, expect “Free Enterprise” to blow away any new releases for weeks, months, and maybe even YEARS to come! “Hard Knocks” is our introduction to the upcoming extravaganza and of course it kicks ass! Don’t stand for sloppy bars when you can experience the creme de la creme!

6) JUPITER A.K.A. create the award-winning score & NOLAN THE NINJA delivers the star-making performance on “The Great Red Spot” cinematic, soul gem, “Lust!” Nolan is feelin’ inspired watching “The Wire” but we feel inspired watching him! The MC showcases his versatility by slowing down his flow to accomodate the track & comes across as a smooth Boom Bap Mack of the underground! You’ll lust for more dope joints like this. Well, Astronote, Kyo Itachi, and Azaia’s got ’em for ya! Cop their project today!

7) INNOCENT? delivers some “Cold Blooded” jabs at haters & fair-weather friends over Eyedee’s bone-crushing production! The lyrical samurai breaks down the game and stays focused on his ascent in the industry while maintaining his REAL N***A stamp of approval! Innocent? doesn’t ask for and will never need a handout. He’ll drop 100 grand on the table and have you chasin’ behind the paper as it blows in the wind!

8) ESTEE NACK has been steadily paving his way to Hip Hop dominance with brick & mortar rhymes that can’t be toppled. That being said, it only makes sense that the Big Thurm laced “Masonry” would be his next release. Other emcees can put down the mic and go back to bed. Dream about being half as good as Estee Nack while he wins time & time again!

9) BANISH HABITUAL is set to take all of your funds as he spits fire on the Eyedee produced, “Casino Roll!” Lyrical genocide is about to go down as the verbal vigilante elicits a mic massacre for the ages! Cash out or crap out? When you go against Banish it can only end one way!

10) TRAFFIC & DREEBO launch into secular flows of supremacy over Budgie’s source material of religious rhythms on “Ride For Me!” “The Good Book Vol. 2” gem finds the artists questioning the loyalty of those closest to them. When s**t goes down will your homies REALLY be there? This track emphasizes the feelings of anger & desperation that come with making the wrong choices in the friendship department…and with the aid of Budgie’s compelling sonic backdrop, it does so brilliantly.

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith