Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten 7/3/17

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Insomniac Magazine’s Hip Hop Top 10: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

Insomniac Magazine brings the fireworks with enough lyrical treats and Boom Bap heat to keep your 4h of July action-packed with excitement! Check out the list below and experience the Top 10!

1) SPECTACULAR DIAGNOSTICS designed a hardcore soundscape so powerful that most emcees ran away in fear after realizing they were unworthy of taming the sonic beast! Fortunately, a trio of lyrical avengers on the underground circuit proved up to the challenge of taking on this daunting task. CONWAY THE MACHINE, CHRIS CRACK & NOLAN THE NINJA boldly stepped in the booth & cemented their mic dominance by bodying the beat with an onslaught of “Rambo Bars.” Sirens & warning calls lead into rewind worthy rhymes that can’t be stopped! It’s Hip Hop at its finest! Spectacular Diagnostics & Co. draw first blood and keep things savage on the set!

2) BOZACK MORRIS & DANIEL SON team up to deliver flying kicks to the competition with their powerhouse collabo, “Karate Practice!” When a producer, so talented that he leaves other beat makers crying over their drum machines in desperation, combines forces with a Toronto, Ontario rhyme assassin known for defeating Death in a staring match, best believe s**t’s about to get explosive!!! The two Hip Hop titans smash thru your speakers & light up the scene with the full impact of the underground!

3) ILL GORDON joins forces with VIC SPENCER to shred the mic to pieces on a Reg Vader laced banger called “High!” Raw lyrics flow effortlessly as the super spitters trash magazines & blogs who try to exploit them instead of promoting their music! It’s that boom bap s**t designed to stomp out the bottom feeders & clear the path for legitimacy in the Hip Hop press. Stop fakin’ the funk & give true lyricists their shine!

4) JOYNER LUCAS delivers an audio & visual masterpiece in the form of the brilliant “(508)507-2209 mega gem, “Keep It 100!” Viewers/listeners take a journey through the travails of a $100 dollar bill as it exchanges hands, enriches lives, and seals the fate of those it comes in contact with. The track itself is a storytelling-lover’s wet dream enhanced to the max by Joyner & Ben Proulx’s co-directed cinematic triumph!

5) DJ PRIORITY & ELOH KUSH link up with JOHN ROBINSON, LEAH JENEA, and LEFT GUNNZ for a “Tut Talk” pearl of aural pleasure titled, “NOETIC!” Eloh always excels at dropping dope flows intertwined with life lessons that teach, empower & uplift! DJ Priority delivers the perfect soundscape that neither overshadows or takes a backseat to the talent involved. Dreamlike melodies meet Boom Bap sensibilities with raw lyricism & soulful vocals to boot!

6) FIVE STEEZ doesn’t need a multitude of verses to make an impact. ONE gets the job done just fine! The Jamaican Juggernaut works miracles over a brief banger laced by Poland production team, The Patents, by launching into ill flows & clever rhymes that astound! “Bergkamp” motivates the lyrical mastermind to chop the head off a serpent & solidify his God MC status. Kneel at the altar of the underground. All praises due!

7) ANUBIS & his StarGate brother-in-rhymes, THA GOD FAHIM, peered out over the vast Hip Hop landscape and elected to wreak havoc on the industry with a new Boom Bap powder keg called “Anarchy!” The grimy underground banger will infiltrate your sound system and infect your bloodstream with a deadly virus that will spur you to nod your head until you smash it against a wall & fracture your skull! Yeah, the hospital bill will be astronomical…but as you recuperate at home you’ll think, “Damn, it was worth it!!!”

8) MILANO CONSTANTINE & J BUX mercilessly tortured their enemies while dropping dope rhymes on the Prete Rosso produced, “Quantanamo Bay!” Poison arrows pierce the very essence of your soul as you lose consciousness with this ill track on loop! It’s Mafia Over Everything. Kiss the ring!!!

9) DRAY YARD, SAGEINFINITE, JAMAL GASOL, HEEM STOGIED & KILLA KALI are killin’ s**t…and the hearses are right outside your doorstep waiting for a new collection of bodies to transport to the afterlife! On “Stranger Things,” Dray Yard sets the tone with a blunted track that inspires the master lyricists to spit dark & menacing lyrics that sneak up behind you & put ya in a choke hold. You’ll breathe your last breath then get reincarnated only to die by the verbal onslaught yet again. Stranger Things have happened. Check out one of ’em below.

10) Manchester Mic Marauders, SEVEN SPHEREZ, launch into a “Concentric” display of sonic supremacy with MARVWON, RECOGNIZE ALI, BRITIZEN KANE & THA SOLOIST on a Dr G laced banger called “Lock It Down!” It’s all-out war as competitors enter the gates of the battleground only to get beatdown in defeat! Lyrical landmines go off as explosive metaphors & witty wordplay overtake the arena! Real Hip Hop wins again!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith