Insomniac Magazine’s Weekly Hip Hop Top Ten: Don’t Sleep On These New Releases

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The anticipation has been building & now it’s finally here – the latest edition of Insomniac’s Weekly Top Ten! Sit back, relax, and check out the dope tracks. We’re about to get things started…


1) Dublin, Ireland’s P.O.A.(Prisoners Of Audio) have been heating things up on the underground, so DREADCHILD of the Knotz fam took a trip overseas to get in on the fun! “FMJ” (Full Metal Jacket) finds the crew armed to the teeth with a barrage of beats and the deadliest rhymes on the planet. The sonic battlefield is no place for the weak of heart as our lyrical champions triumph over a battalion of mumble rappers & trap soldiers to ensure REAL Hip Hop lives to see another day!

2) DANIEL SON & SAIPHER SOZE ride the wave of a Vic Grimes produced power track and take listeners on a “Test Drive!” The “Divizion Rivals” master cut represents the soul & essence of true Hip Hop with dope music that reminds you how wack other artists really are! It must feel lonely without any competition. Just ask Daniel Son & Saipher Soze. They’re in a class of their own!

3) MARV WON is definitely in season on the title track of his impactful “Soundtrack Of Autumn” project. The GWENATION featured gem showcases the Detroit spitter at the peak of his powers as he delivers majestic lyrics that permeate the soul. Check out the joint now & play it ’til summer rolls back around! You’re welcome.

4) It’s hard being the illest in his city but TERMANOLOGY manages just fine as he BODIES a Statik Selektah laced Boom Bap masterpiece featuring KXNG CROOKED called “Let’s Go”(Pt.2).” Competitors get wet up by hollow point rhymes aimed straight for the dome! Sample line: “Smokin’ five grand blunts out a dollar bill/eyes bloody like killers wanted your mama killed/but I’m designed to ill/plan to go back in a time machine and body you while you stuck in your mommy’s body still!” Termanology is on some Terminator type s**t! If you want more top quality tracks like this you better cop the “More Politics” album. It’s a dope project worth the purchase!

5) JAKE PALUMBO’s mood is unstable but his beats & rhymes are most definitely on point in the ROC MARCIANO & INNOCENT? featured banger, “Manilla Envelopes.” The compelling “Jake It Till You Make It” cut kicks in with overpowering force that gets pushed into the stratosphere when Roc & Innocent? bless the mic. This is the kind of Hip Hop you’re looking for. Signed, sealed, delivered…Jake’s sending the heat!

6) BOZACK MORRIS kept the crowd bouncin’ by enlisting Chattanooga’s lyrical champion, TUT, for the monstrous banger, “’03 Infiniti.” No one serves up the soul better than Bozack as he proves time & time again why he’s one of the greatest sonic visionaries in the game. The acclaimed producer always brings the best out of each emcee in the booth as indicated by Tut’s electric turn on the mic. “Real n***as have real dreams”…that soon become reality when Bozack blesses the boards!

7) When VIC SPENCER & HUS KINGPIN step in the booth listeners take notice! On the St. Gregory gem, “Gothic Clothes,” The King Of Living & The Wave Lord launch into a stream of razor sharp rhymes that mesh perfectly with the mellow soundscape. The joint actually sounds like the score to a film dream sequence…which makes sense with the dream team of Vic & Hus. It’s music true heads will appreciate. Press play below & experience two kings of the genre at the top of their game!

8) JAY HOLLY & CASABLANCA are on that fly s**t again…and we’re LOVIN’ IT! “Clash Of The Titans” finds the lyrical assassins ripping into a massive track that’s guaranteed to get you amped! The groove is so funky it’ll keep your head nodding ’til the end of the night. Don’t clash with these titans. They’ll leave you face down on the mat!

9) RAN REED teamed up with U.G. of the Cella Dwellas for a deadly Nick Wiz laced aural assault called “The Crew.” The “Still Commanding Respect” banger that samples Das EFX’s “Real Hip Hop” is all about raw rhyme action and non-stop Boom Bap! Listen as they bring da ruckus…no doubt!

10) ROCKIE FRESH brings that “Rap S**t Back” on his Bizness Boi & Th3ory produced gem that name checks classic Hip Hop albums & legendary artists. It’s easy to get discouraged with the weak beats & rhymes pervading the current music scene…but as long as Rockie’s still in the game Real Hip Hop will persevere.

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith