Interview with Paramanu Recordings artist Hobs Sputnik- By C73 Eternal

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Hobs Sputnik is a Canadian emcee with a lot on his mind. Canada has had one of the illest underground scenes since the early 90’s when  I first heard Maestro Fresh Wes rip it up. But in reality, it’s not where you’re from that’s important, it’s what you bring to the table in this rap biz. Hobs has been blazing mics for a minute and it’s certain that he’s not going to let up anytime soon. Insomniac Magazine took a smidgeon of Sputnik’s time to find out what’s next for one of Hip Hop’s brightest stars:

Is Hip-Hop Dead? Explain.

Nah man, it ain’t dead, just being re-formed and shaped with new styles and sounds. Maybe some consider it dead because it’s changed a lot since the late 80s and 90s. For sure, it’s not what it used to be but there’s still a lot of O.G. Hip Hoppers and new cats making that dope Hip Hop we all love. But, I think Hip Hop also needs to stay fresh and produce new sh#t we aint heard before to stay alive.

What is your vision of Hip Hop’s future?

Hip Hop’s gonna be around forever.  I think..might not be what it was in past generations, but it’s not going anywhere. People live hip hop. It’s a culture and it grows more and more as time goes on too. There’s a lot of new audiences listening to Hip Hop now that a lot of mainstream crap is all around, even if it’s not the stuff we might not like, it’s here all over the world. It seems more sub-genres of Hip Hop continue to surface as more individuals take it and make it with their personal twist. Long Live HIP HOP!

Your last LP “Satellite Strange” was a dope release and very infectious musically and lyrically. What was the thought process behind that album? How did you get so many fantastic cameos?

“Satellite Strange” was a crazy project for sure. It took about three years to make, with a lot of changes to the album and my life during the process. The album kinda formed itself, I had been getting a lot of beats from all over the world…guest emcees from all ends of the globe to feature on tracks. After enough time and hard work was put in, I had this mass track-list of songs with all my homies and artists I had been wanting to work with. I’ve kinda always worked with others on music, always got things done faster back when I was making the album. I only did a few solo tracks on the album. Some people call it a mix-tape because of all the features but it’s my album. Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me, especially Paramanu Recordings for releasing Satellite Strange in digital and hard copy format. Get your copy today! Ha Ha!

Hobs SS

Do you listen to other forms of music outside of Hip Hop?

Yeah, I listen to old progressive rock, reggae, punk, dub-step, acoustic…it’s good to explore other forms and genres of music, especially if you sample.

Who were your artistic/musical influences growing up?

I can remember listening to Michael Jackson real early and some 60’s rock tapes. Not sure how it turned into Hip Hop, but I remember my mom buyin’ Funkdoobiest, House of Pain, Public Enemy tapes for me when I was like ten to twelve.  Also went to flea markets to steal tapes like Das Efx, Wu Tang, Ice-T when I was a kid.

What is your music background if any?

Ah, I really don’t have a music background, besides just listening to it. I just remember before any ideas of recording or making music, me and some school homies always used to write lyrics.

How do you describe your music to people?

Usually Underground Hip Hop- grimy, raw, stress bag music. I guess backpack music, real sh*t…it’s different. Sometimes I tell peeps “I make Hip Hop, not that jiggy sh@t.”

What image do you think your music conveys?

I know the name Hobs Sputnik usually gives off some “spacey” vibe, but if you really listen it should be pretty crystal clear. My music reflects me, I’m just being as real as I can be. Not a lot to figure out. I live for Hip Hop, it’s all I do. Pretty straight forward.


What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

Good and bad, some dope peeps getting record deals, some peeps still being slept on; some cats way over-rated and over paid. I guess depends on what part your looking at. Seems like the iTunes era is in effect. Still, a few cats run the industry. I try not to worry about the industry too much. Independent artists still hungry and tryin’ to make things happen. It’s a tuff world. A lot of sacrifice for not alot of return. I see some O.G. cats still hustling harder than ever.

What inspires you to do what you do?

The idea of time running out inspires me. Gotta do as much as I can before my time is up. STAY BUSY! Also, a big inspiration is that artists I listened to coming up, I’ve got to work with and make tracks within the last few years. Nice to be accepted by heads that I looked up to. Makes me wanna keep going and keep climbing. It’s inspiring to have peeps who back you up, and down to support. It was a big moment in my life when Paramanu decided to support me and Tank. Friends and family is a big one too.

What project or projects are you currently working on? When will they be released?

Damn too many projects. Ha! Currently I’m workin’ on a hand full of things. First project to be released next is Perfect Color Combination’s (myself and TankWonderful) “Triangle of Terror” full length album. It’s done. Just slowly mixing it down to send off to mastering. It’s a solid album, dope beats, some more sick features. Theres are three other albums in the works: I’m working on my next solo album called “Really Livin'” The album’s solely produced by my fellow Peg-City homie The Doc. PCC (Perfect Color Combination) has a small three to five track EP with Florida based producer D.A.N.T.E. Skull Bludgeon (American Trash Republic) and me are doing an album together over all my beats. It’s called “Strange Bludgeon.” A lot of things coming. All to be relased in 2013 on Paramanu Records. Stay busy! 

If you had an opportunity to collaborate with any artist or artists (dead or alive) in any genre of music or art, whom would you choose? And why? 

That’s a tough one to answer really! So many talented people from the past and present. Just to drop a few names off the top: Danny Brown because he just don’t give a sh#t and makes some real dope music. Rustee Juxx, he’s ill and grimy and got that street flow. Son Doobie, he’s an all time favorite since a kid…sick emcee. Prodigy or Havoc of Mobb Deep…another personal favorite. Never get tired of the Mobb. Maybe do a track with Bob Marley…


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