MC Bravado’s new album is top notch “Hip-Hop*”

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MC Bravado consistently delivers quality music to the masses by dropping tracks that showcase a diverse range of topics and highlight his impressive skills on the mic. With the release of his imaginatively crafted opus, “Hip-Hop*,” the gifted lyricist continues his rapid ascent in the industry by serving up a new batch of illustrious gems that never fail to excite. Fueled by his captivating wit & distinctive world view, the Baltimore, MD spitter guides listeners through an aural exploration of life, death, and relationships. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this album is a solemn affair. The project is anything but, as it powers forward with enough energy to give Con Ed a run for its money!

“Michael Larsen Impression”(produced by Militant Marxman) kicks off the action with MC Bravado channeling his inner Eyedea via a breath-taking surge of bars that throw jabs and uppercuts to lesser emcees. The rhyme slayer rides a sonic backdrop that sounds like it’s part Sergio Leone western/part Skull Snaps breakbeat as he boasts about a sexscapade turned sour. Breaking from the narrative, Bravado launches into a stream of consciousness flow with such fury that you’ll be amazed he doesn’t pass out from exhaustion halfway through the session! The lyricist is too powerful for that though as he clearly demonstrates on the Koncept & McNasty featured banger, “Gone.” Each emcee relays their own unique interpretation of the subject matter with Bravado offering a social overview of the topic while the remaining lyricists opt for a more personalized approach. The contrast in their vocal styles is a major high point that helps elevate a fantastic Teddy Roxpin laced track even further into the music stratosphere. There are many connotations to the word “Gone” and this collabo covers a few of them in a creative fashion that demands to be heard.

The OnCue featured “This Is Gold”(produced by J57) is another album standout for highlighting MC Bravado’s diversity. Instead of focusing strictly on boom bap, the rapper presents a track with enough mainstream appeal to become a permanent fixture on Top 40 radio. Bravado reminisces about the artists he admired growing up while detailing his current grind in the industry. He manages to upend expectations of what to expect from a pop song by infusing it with his knowledge and understanding of the Hip Hop culture. “Homegirl” follows this cut by delivering a hilarious tale of a love affair with a homeless girl. Only a brilliantly twisted mind could ever conceive a concept like this…and with lines such as: “to most folks lyrics are inferred/thinking outside the box is really literal to her” you can’t help but laugh out loud at the lyricist’s bold audacity. The bouncy, soulful rhythm of the Michael Oliver produced selection perfectly supports the subject matter & makes the track a MUST LISTEN jewel in the collection.

“(Im)personal Shit” is a raw, unbridled slice of underground heat that all listeners should pump up loud for maximum effect. Pacewon & Militant Marxman join MC Bravado for the audio assault & flaunt clever lines like ‘won’s instant quotable: “Even up in Canada they know what I’m aBOOT/cause I ain’t no fuckin’ amateur when steppin’ in the booth!” The track is showered in funk and an ill sprinkling of precision cuts for an additional dose of sonic spice. “Take The Risk” features a soul-drenched star turn from Mollie Jay on the hook and aggressive, in the pocket rhymes from Bravado who promises to see his dreams through to fruition. He’d ‘give his 401K to go on tour for one day.’ There’s little doubt he’ll be rockin’ stages across the nation in no time flat! Next up are Nitty Scott, Real Deal & Time Police who bring superior artistry to a “Synthetic Substitution” laden canvas on “Unfiltered.” Once again, B-More’s lyrical phenomenon connects with verbal body blows: “But these hos ain’t gettin’ rich/here’s a penny for your thoughts/most of you thots will die penniless!” It’s another strong track in a line up of winners!

“Try-Polar” finds the emcee struggling to suppress the beast within as a cocktail of anti-anxiety drugs fail to take hold. This is a GREAT song both impressively crafted and executed that demands(along with “Homegirl”)first-rate visuals to accompany the wild imagery it evokes! The track itself has a loose, wiry vibe reminiscent of Eminem’s classic “Role Model” banger. It’s a sure-fire fave you’ll keep on repeat for hours. TRUST. “Dead Man’s Dream” is an excellent tribute to Bravado’s father & ALL the fathers who love and support their children. We are granted insight into a powerful familial bond to be forever cherished. It comes gift-wrapped with live instrumentation to give the song an intimate vibe tailor-made for a topic so personal. Heartfelt emotion leads to amazing art! “Go Westbrook” lunges through the speakers with a slick groove and hard beat worthy of its subject – six time NBA All-Star sensation, Russell Westbrook. Bravado plays point guard in the Hip Hop arena and scores his latest triumph! The SC Static featured “Human Torch” incinerates everything in its path with a monstrous beat, Arabian rhythms, and an onslaught of machine gun bars designed to blow away the competition. Militant Marxman’s expertly laced “Glossy” closes out the project with a head-nodding joint that shatters stereos & cements the lyricist’s reputation as a true BEAST on the mic! The underground’s alive & well. MC Bravado is Hip-Hop’s new champion!

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– Kevin Keith