Movie Review: Get out and see “Get Out”

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“Get Out” is a brilliant work of art that serves as potent social commentary that’s ripe for the times. A horror film brimming with satire, its multifaceted approach addresses race relations in America from a perspective not seen in the genre in quite this manner. This is a rare film that I’m glad I experienced in a theater. It’s been quite a while since I’ve attended a movie that elicited this much of a visceral, out loud response from the audience. With the exception of laughter and gasps, audible reactions and interactions during a movie are a “no – no.” However, during “Get Out,” the audience’s interaction was nothing short of a cathartic experience, speaking volumes for Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. This movie is an impressive vehicle for the writer/director to help avoid being typecast as just a source of comic relief. Get out right now and see this amazing piece of impactful art.

Movie review by Israel Vasquetelle.