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Remember that Ladies Night collabo back in the 90’s with Missy, Lil’ Kim, Da Brat, Angie Martinez & Left Eye? Well, the girls(3 of ‘em anyway)are back in town for a special reunion performance at the Soul Train Music Awards airing Nov.30th on Centric & BET. ‘Should be worth a look.

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Maino, Meek Mill & Yo Gotti team up to address “All These Hoes.” Take a listen.

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Murda Mook Is On The “6”

October 28, 2014

Murda Mook creates a problem for Drake by bodying his “6 God” track. Will Drake respond…or nah?

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Xombie Art
Xombie Pic

New York’s hardcore collective, Xombie, bring their unique brand of “Hood Metal” to the masses with the new album “Capital X.” Comprised of bandmates, Atom Crews(Adam Cruz – Vocals), Guitar Masters – Fish(Robert Fishkin) and Roy Galvan, Cadillac Mike(Mike Martabano – Bass) & Eric Castillo(Drums), this dynamic group bound onto the scene like comic book superheroes come to life.

“Velocirapper,” the album’s opener, explodes into action like a musical hornet’s nest of sheer terror. Screaming guitars, machine gun drum rhythms and references to Walter White, Voltron & Battle Rap get mixed into the pot for this all-out aural assault. Just in case you forgot about their New York roots, a voice familiar to riders of the city’s mass transit system shuts the whole operation down with “stand clear of the closing doors please.” It’s Xombie’s way of throwing down the gauntlet to rival bands…’Challenge us and be destroyed. Step aside. We’re coming through!’ “Rock Bottom” follows that up with what can only be described as the sound of war, intermingled with a piercing guitar riff that gives the audience a few seconds to catch their breath before being overpowered by the band’s dominant presence.

“Miss Behave” begins on a more relaxed note than previous tracks. It lulls us into a zen state of tranquility until the pacing shifts. Suddenly, we realize the subtle arrangement was merely a set up for the mass destruction that immediately ensues. Lyrics about losing one’s mind expose how a woman who once appeared to be a living dream transforms into a walking nightmare. “Polar Ice”(ft. Mike Larry Draw)possesses a bassline that burrows into the brain and infiltrates the soul. Drums and guitars collide to manipulate the listener into shouting, chanting or thrashing the night away.

“Rotten Apple” literally gets to the core of New York City’s daily routine. The intentionally busy track conveys the feel of pedestrians rushing and pushing past each other to reach their destinations. “So we gotta get this money…” sums up the cutthroat mindset in a nutshell. New York is not a welcoming haven for the weak. There’s no point in slowing down when there’s money to be made…The hustle never ends. “Capital X” is a furious, intense production that decimates anything you’ll hear on the underground metal scene. Every title track should embody the essence or message of the album it emerged from. This one doesn’t disappoint. “Friday”(You Might Have Missed It)is the most upbeat tune on the collection. It’s unexpected, due to the gritty nature of the earlier songs, but extremely pleasing. Nothing can conquer this band. Xombie tear into the flesh of their competition, leaving a sea of gracious followers in their wake.

– Kevin Keith

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Saigon’s DJ Premier produced joint featuring Big Daddy Kane gets the remix treatment. Check it out below.

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