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Novaj Flame delivers a previously unreleased joint that showcases some diversity from his usual repertoire. It’s a good look! Hopefully the emcee will uncover more tracks like “Never Bout Us” from his private stash. Check it out below.

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Wiz Khalifa & Travis Scott have a new collabo joint called “Bake Sale”…but it’s not ready yet! Here’s a little taste while it gets nice & brown in the oven.

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A period of intense turmoil can inspire an artist’s greatest achievements. That fact is never more evident than on Bay Area producer, Cole James Cash’s new instrumental EP, “A Letter To My Son.” The 8 track opus was created during Cole’s return to a life of sobriety after completing a 6 month stint in rehab. Each song was carefully crafted with well chosen loops, samples, and sound bytes designed to educate his young son about the challenges he must face in life. It is a moving, heartfelt document of sonic expression that will resonate with listeners long after the final track has ended.

“November 1st 2010” sets the tone with narration from Cole reflecting on the birth of his son over solid Boom Bap beats, lush grooves and a hauntingly beautiful hook (“Stay with me/Don’t let go”). It conveys the perfect sentiment of a father’s love for his child and triggers the kind of extreme emotion that will make any parent shed tears of joyful remembrance. Next up is “Love Your Woman As You Love Yourself,” a track possessing elements of R & B, House, and Drum & Bass that seductively lures in the listener with its romantic, ethereal vibe. ‘Love is CLEARLY not a game!’ “Be Humble In Conflict” is an important life lesson in remaining calm amid the most dire of situations. The pleasant, laid back instrumentation serves as a form of therapy when faced with ongoing conflict or periods of discord. “Be Your Own Man” stresses the importance of independence and voicing one’s own opinions and ideas. The sky is truly the limit if you believe in yourself…and Cole showcases this statement brilliantly with an uplifting soundscape propelled by compelling chord changes & pulsating rhythms.

“If You Fall I Will Pick You Back Up” finds the producer reaffirming his unwavering commitment to his son by stating that he will help him navigate through any future hardships he might encounter. Through Cole’s experiences with homelessness and seemingly insurmountable despair, the production mastermind built up the inner strength to take on whatever life throws his way & emerge on top. Cole will guide his child through the bad times and teach him how to win! The soundscape reinforces that pledge with propulsive beats and vocal samples that beckon you to play them over & over again. “I Will Always Be By Your Side” is an atmospheric tour de force of sedated rhythms and blunted beats that register as a trippy journey through one’s very existence. It’s like being trapped inside a sonic prison…albeit, one you don’t want to EVER escape.

“You Will Always Be A Target Due To Your Race” offers a sobering take on the indignities men and women of color must face in this country. The poignant, downbeat track envelops us in a temporary cocoon of sonic protection before segueing into the Crew54 featured “Hands Up.” The lyricists deliver incendiary bars about the destruction of black lives triggered by badge-wearing thugs driven by white supremacist beliefs. It’s a powerful message to digest, but one that Cole’s offspring will cherish anytime he reflects on his dad’s undying love and dedication. “A Letter To My Son” is a personal conversation between father & child…and we are blessed to be invited into the discussion.

– Kevin Keith


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#TheWinners very own Marvelous Mag delivers new bars over Common’s “The Corner” instrumental. Check out “Marvelous Mag Freestyle 2016” now!

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We heard a new instrumental from Fortes earlier today & now it’s time for a freestyle to end the night. Check out “BBLU” below.

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