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Fugee’s Affiliate Makes  A Splash
As a teenager, Big Maf spent countless hours in lyrical combat on the corners of Avon and Chancellor Avenue in Newark, New Jersey – often being the last MC standing.  Big Maf is now ready to take the world by storm with his accomplished and unique style of Hip Hop.  According to Maf, he was an influential member of the Refugee Camp, touring worldwide with the Fugees.  In Stores Now!
As a member of the Refugee Camp, Maf said he was always counted on by Wycelf to create the ill vibe.  Maf said his creativity in studio sessions made him a force to be reckoned with by platinum stars.  He said he created the vibe that helped to produce  multi-platinum records.
As a true Jersey Representa, Maf has been called “the hottest rapper with a reggae style flow”.  Maf said he is now on a “musical crusade”, intent on bringing great production and lyrics into the Hip Hop game.  His style is original and he delivers real authentic materials.  Feel his presence and know that Big Maf is the real deal!  Check out the new hot single for the summer by Big Maf - Shorty Let’s Ride!  It’s the blazing summer anthem for 2013!  Now available on iTunes!
Tony Samuel

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If you were in New York City and truly into Hip Hop during the genre’s 90′s explosion, unless you were sleeping, you’d tuned into 105.9 FM for The Kevin Keith and the Dirty Dozen radio show. On Saturday nights, WNWK studios were jammed with what would soon be some of Hip Hop’s biggest stars. The station’s immense history in Hip Hop goes back to the ’80s, when the call letters were WHBI. Shows hosted by Mr. Magic, The World Famous Supreme Team, Afrika Islam and The Awesome Two played a role and helped set the stage for New York’s rap talent dominance for the next two decades. Despite the call letter switch, programs like those of The Awesome Two, Hank Love and DNA maintained a steady flow of groundbreaking music, while KISS , WBLS and eventually Hot 97  were embraced by the masses.

The Dirty Dozen members and friends at WNWK during the early '90s.

(Kevin Keith and The Dirty Dozen members and friends at WNWK in Manhattan during the early ’90s. Pictured center is Kevin Keith, leaning over him in plaid is show mainstay and the Platinum selling forefather of Latin rap and reggeton- Magic Juan. To the far right is co-host DJ Mecca.)

Artists ranging from Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul to a barrage of others brought their music and talents to the airwaves via WNWK. Throughout the ’90s, The Kevin Keith and The Dirty Dozen radio show was known as a premier place to hear Hip Hop music, in many instances, before the label actually made the record. At times, the program would receive calls from irate label personnel asking where they’d get the pre-released music, and in some instances asking that they cease playing it. Emerging talent could regularly be heard discussing their new releases and fresh careers.

For those seeking to relive a slice of New York’s underground golden era, you don’t have to be in the city, you can check out the program’s reunion on The Equilibrium Radio Show hosted by Kwame Vear (another 20 year NYC radio vet) on Monday, May 20th on 90.3 WHCR (Harlem Radio) at 10:00pm to 12:00am as it streams online via the station’s website. Or, if you’re in New York, tune in to 90.3 FM on that night.

Updated 5/20- Image from the Dirty Dozen reunion:




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If you’ve been sleeping on Record Store Day, the annual event that kicked off in 2007 to bring awareness to actual record stores, this is definitely the year to get on board. There are so many interesting exclusive releases from artists of all genres. Hip Hop icons such as Public Enemy are front and center with their “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Greatest Rap Hits” picture disc on vinyl. Other artists with releases include, Gil Scott Heron, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, and plenty of others.

Here’s a video for “Enough Now” from Nottingham’s Harleighblu. This soulful artist’s song will be available in black and gold on vinyl for the special day.

You can peruse the entire list on the official Record Store Day website here.

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