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The Acorns

Hip Hop has a habit of taking itself too seriously at times. During the 80’s and 90’s there were a wide range of artists(Bizmarkie, Kid ‘N Play, Fresh Prince, etc) who celebrated the fun side of what the music offered. As time went on, diversity within the genre was replaced by a kind of “sameness,” reflected by the glut of cookie-cutter clutter from “make-believe” Hip Hop thugs who soon dominated the industry. Listeners began to believe that those early years of lighthearted entertainment were gone forever. Luckily, fans can depend on The Acorns to go against the grain. The duo of MC Mad Squirrel and DJ BlakeNine created an innovative new project for our listening pleasure. Each track will put a smile on your face and convince the public that joy & amusement have returned to Hip Hop…in the form of The Acorn’s “Oak Follies EP.”

“Uncommon Women” kicks off the proceedings with a simple but effective beat and catchy synth rhythms. MC Mad Squirrel plays along with the melody and delivers a humorous tale of love & romance in his understated sing-song like manner. “So dry your eyes/ Take a break, there’s no mistake/ Here, here comes your sister with those two preppy guys…” “Grapevine Too” continues with the duo’s “less is more” approach. DJ BlakeNine applies his minimalistic style to a track that wouldn’t be out of place as the theme to a TV medical drama, while Mad Squirrel adds lyrical support. “Big Ball Paul” is a slight departure from the previous songs, in the sense that Squirrel incorporates Washington Wizards Basketball player, Paul Pierce, into his creative world of airy & artful rhymes. The rapper spins an amusing yarn about the athlete that includes a silly but memorable chorus(“They call him Big Ball Paul, Big Ball Paul/But who’s got the biggest balls of them all?”) guaranteed to have listeners asking themselves, ‘What was he thinking?’

“Virginia Angler” possesses the funkiest production on the EP. BlakeNine tailor-made the track to fit Mad Squirrel’s flow…and the rapper sounds more energetic & self-assured than he did on earlier cuts. The excitement literally radiates from his vocal cords as the jubilant track bounces along. This is the song that will drive the audience into a frenzy when performed live! “Oak Follies” is an incredibly cool closing track. BlakeNine implements an irresistible groove and drum pattern that will make you beg for more…but just as the listener gets primed for another cut…IT ENDS! The Acorns won me over with the “Oak Follies” EP. When I’m looking for pure entertainment, I know where to turn. This group knows how to bring it!

– Kevin Keith

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Demrick Is “Gleamin”

January 27, 2015

Demrick is getting listeners ready for his new album “Losing Focus” by dropping a dope new Cali Cleve produced joint called “Gleamin.” Check it out & cop the album February 24th!

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Black Dave is a skater and a rapper. Both require agility, control and plenty of skills. It’s okay…Dave can handle it. Check out “Be Quiet” below.

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Taylor Gang is in full effect when Pittsburgh’s, Chevy Woods, returns with his new “Gang Land 3″ mixtape. Listen to what the lyricist has to say…

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