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Mississauga rapper, John River, possesses the energy, delivery and SKILLS to go the distance. Look out for his upcoming mixtape “The Storm.” With all the talent coming from Canada lately, we were thinking about hangin’ out there for awhile…but no…way, WAAAY too cold.

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There are Battle Rappers who shine brightest in front of a live audience & then there are emcees who lay down their best bars in the studio when recording new tracks. Rarely do you find a lyricist who can blend both distinct skill sets & receive widespread acclaim. Bronx spitter, T.D.I, IS that artist! Whether showcasing mad skills in a cypher or slayin’ his competitors in the booth, T.D.I comes out winning every time! Check out his DeadEyez directed videos & watch as he stomps out the competition.


Also, make sure to check out more T.D.I. music on SoundCloud and check him out on Instagram.

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D. Green 1
D. Green 3

The best description for D. Green would be “lyrical technician.” Each rhyme that he creates is so precise & well-crafted that the listeners will find themselves gasping in awe at his phenomenal talent. The Bronx spitter is currently gearing up to set the industry on fire with his new six track EP called “For The F.E.W.(FansEveryWhere).” But after listening to it, I think he should seriously consider renaming the collection, “6 Tracks That Will Make EVERYONE A D. Green Fan.” It’s THAT good!

The opening track, “FansEveryWhere,” begins with the emcee RIPPING the mic after a club host calls him up to the stage. Right off the bat, we know we’re not going to be treated to the same “clone rapper” spiel when D delivers lines like “Being me is what I’m good at, comfortable with the person y’all look at” and “It’s hard for me not to partake in the repetition/ There’s more to life than cars, popping bottles and f–king bitches!” or how about, “I even lost my inspiration and have yet to find it…still/The beauty of this game has been losing its sex appeal.” Those are just small kernels. We’re holding back the best stuff so you can check it out for yourself. In fact, there are so many lyrical gems on this one track alone, that your head will spin around like you’re under some Linda Blair Exorcist type possession! It MUST be said, that the entire time, Full Tilt Productions drives his delivery forward with the best beats and grooves in the business! The next cut, “Ingenuity,” comes smashing through like a sledge hammer. It’s a triumphant, power house production that gives D a chance to flex his inner Steve Jobs. The true ingenuity revolves around his ability to create a succession of flawless tracks. He’s not sharing his secret recipe for making hits…but that’s okay. Whatever he’s doing…it’s working!

“Still” is a stutter-step electronic banger that emphasizes D. Green’s futuristic flow. With this track, he truly does demonstrate that he’s light years beyond the competition. It’s a cut that’s guaranteed to excite the crowd and have them “still screamin’ when they see him.” “Like This”(Feat. LoVel) is an uptempo track about romance that avoids the pitfall of feeling forced or corny. It could easily be played on any Top 40 station and still garner spins on the underground circuit. Creating a song of this nature can be a risky move for any rising emcee working hard to cement his credibility…but if it’s a fine line to walk, D. Green strides across it with confidence.

“The Dreamer” is another outstanding radio-ready track. D won’t let anyone stand in the way of his dreams…and who can blame him? When you’re endowed with those kind of prodigious rhyme skills, you follow through and take your craft as far as it can possibly go. “It’s Simple”(Feat. Katie Frost) is the final cut and a colossal closer for the EP. The lyricist details that while fame and wealth are great, real success is staying true to the music…and his beliefs. Katie Frost contributes soul-stirring vocals that will leave the listeners feeling inspired.

D. Green’s “For The F.E.W.” isn’t just an EP. It’s an excursion through the creative mind of one of the most important lyricists in the game today. Soon, this incredible emcee will receive all the accolades he rightfully deserves. But fans shouldn’t have to wait. The celebration begins now!

– Kevin Keith

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Production genius, Buckwild, is behind the boards on this new DJ EFN cut featuring Your Old Droog, Royce Da 5’9″, O.C.; and Reks…Say what?!? EFN’S got this many heavy hitters on a track?!!? We’re just recovering from “If U Run!” What are you doing EFN???…’Trying to get on our Top Ten list AGAIN?!? It’s okay. Keep hurtin’ ‘em!

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Na$im Williams produced this dope track for Mic Shredder, Vic Spencer. But wait…Enjoy it now, because you won’t find it on Vic’s “The Cost of Victory’ album on Friday. That’s fine though. We’ll have a playlist of V.S. loosies all to ourselves. In the meantime, check out “Crown.”

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