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G-Unit Records has entered into an exclusive agreement with EMI Label Services in which EMI will distribute and promote releases on the G-Unit roster in North America. EMI will release the Grammy nominated multi-platinum rapper Lloyd Banks’ third solo album “H.F.M. 2″ (Hunger For More 2) on November 23rd, 2010, and Tony Yayo’s as yet untitled sophomore album, which is scheduled for early 2011. [click to continue…]

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Star Wars Celebration V delivered in the physical realm the epic that George Lucas brought to life in 1977. Fans gathered by the thousands at the Orlando Convention Center to celebrate an amazing universe of Luke, Vader, Leia, Han, and a couple of droids adored the world over.

Here’s proof that The Force was as strong as ever during this mother of all sci-fi events.

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If you haven’t listened to Ving’s over the top rant while promoting his new movie, it’s an interesting listen. Aspiring entertainment industry newbies take note- He doesn’t break character. What better way to promote a movie about man-eating fish?

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Insomniac Magazine recently participated in an interview with Julian Lennon to discuss his new release and a brand new company called theRevolution LLC. Lennon and music industry professionals Michael Birch (sold Bebo to AOL for $850 million) and Todd Meaghe (created the first 50/50 artist music store) started the company as a new approach to releasing music and working with artists. The company scouts talent, and then helps set up these artists with their own businesses. The company assists the artists with a variety of business endeavors including: finance, development, digital and physical distribution, promotion, and other important aspects of their careers.

In this first segment, Julian talks about this new approach to the music industry.

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This song is a birthday song to myself. At the same time it goes out to Griff and brothers who cross the half century mark age wise. The dizzy whirl of society today has trained people into robots and consumers thinking that we celebrate younger age not the rite of graceful passage into knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. While I overstand I’m not asking for anyone to buy into anything especially not this record … I got away from that notion 20 years ago. I’m not asking or begging any DJ or VJ to play this song. Introduction of the digital option by PE 11 years ago was for the freedom of art and artists from the pressure of business people who altered this into a “thing’ to sell. We want people to ‘get’ our music not necessarily reach down and purchase , especially in this time.

I long have stressed that rap music keep its originality if not its integrity. It’s not about myself getting old just older … I have always maintained this independent state of mind. [click to continue…]

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