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For immediate release: Bop Alloy ft. Black Resume, live @ Porter’s Pub October 21, 2011

In an effort to promote independent artists from all over the globe locally, San Diego-based Deep Chill Productions have booked musical guests Bop Alloy and Black Resume to perform at UCSD’s Porter’s Pub, October 21st 2011. Deep Chill, as they are known colloquially, have designed their company with the goal of bringing fresh artistic talent to the San Diego scene, and have infused their musical promotion of the trip/hiphop, rock, and electro genres with the kind of autonomous spirit one would expect from an
independent production company.

Alloy, who is composed of Baltimore-bred rapper Substantial as well as Marcus D (who hails from Seattle), will be performing in San Diego for the first time at a venue that has become known for introducing new talent to both the college and local San Diego community at large. The artists bring to the stage a soulful mix of hip-hop, jazz, and rap and have been considered by many to be one of the torch bearers for the reemerging “jazz-hop” scene that has been taking the national underground scene by

Adding another unique flavor to the mix, San-Diego-based Black Resume will also be performing in the highly anticipated concert. With their high energy performance and hypnotic lyrical flow, Resume will ensure that this one-of-a-kind event will deliver something special to everyone in attendance.

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Jay Z Announces Brooklyn Nets

September 26, 2011

Entrepreneur, music industry mogul, and part owner of the NBA team, Jay Z, announces the new name for the Nets. Watch the clip below posted on YouTube from his announcement on Fox NY.

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The New York Post is reporting that Rock, Funk, and Soul legend Sly Stone is living in a van outside of a residence in Crenshaw. Once, the music icon was sitting on top of industry. According to the story, financial mismanagement, a lavish lifestyle, and vices were all issues that brought him to this current state. It’s reported that the singer sold ownership of his songs to Michael Jackson for a million dollars in the mid-eighties.  Read the full story here.

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Steve Stoute Translates:  “The Tanning of America”
(Reviewed by Tony Samuel)

In The Tanning of America: How Hip Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy, marketing maven Steve Stoute
takes us on a ride through Hip Hop history – showing the relation between Hip Hop culture and the mainstream.  Stoute’s book explains that due to the influence of Hip Hop music on a global level – we are able to see the tanning of not only America, but tanning on a global scale.

In his book, Stoute gives us a front seat view of how Hip Hop started and how it grew from a few kids spinning records and rapping into a true art form with global appeal and influence.  Stoute gives us first person accounts of memorable moments, where Hip Hop intersected with premier and visionary corporate brands – resulting in a multiplicity of benefits for both Hip Hop artists and mainstream products and corporations.

Stoute is the man who connected the dots and brought Jay Z together with Reebok – resulting in the fastest selling sneaker in history.  A branding guru and visionary, Stoute connected Mary J. Blige with Carol’s Daughter and HSN, Justin Timberlake with McDonalds for the “I’m Lovin’ it” campaign, Beyonce with Samsung and Lady Gaga with MAC cosmetics.

Stoute was there when RUN DMC and Adidas first made the connection in Madison Square Garden.  He saw firsthand the power of tanning and some would say he is the Tanner In Chief (TIC) based on his unique ability to reinvigorate brands and to help corporate America ride on the coattails of Hip Hop music all the way to the bank.  Venerable brands like McDonald’s, Hewlett Packard, Verizon and Samsung all have benefited from their association with Hip Hop- thanks to the marketing guru known as Steve Stoute.


Who would have thought a non-athlete could sell sneakers?  Who had the vision to make the shoes of a music celebrity the hottest selling shoes on the planet?  Steve Stoute made it happen. Again and again, he used the power of Hip Hop to forge innovative relationships with conservative companies.

For the uninitiated, Stoute has an impressive legacy as a music mogul, manager and industry veteran.  He has been instrumental in the success of some of the biggest Hip Hop artists, from Nas to Jay Z to Eminem, just to name a few.  Stoute left the music business behind to reinvent himself as a branding expert – the secret force and sculptor of mega deals between Hip Hop greats and corporate America.

Steve Stoute is a true entrepreneur and marketing maven.  He is an inspiration and frankly, I am proud of his success.  The Tanning of America: How Hip Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy is a marketing template, an inspirational story and Hip Hop history lesson for all.  If “tan is the new cool”…then Steve Stoute is indeed Mr. Cool.  Go get a copy of his book immediately and learn how tanning has translated into big bucks.

-Tony Samuel

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Hip Hop music industry legend Kool G Rap drops a solid dose of soulful and lyrical gold over a New York City ambiance on his new video for “In Too Deep.”

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