For Those Who Can't Sleep On Hip Hop

A great night of comedy featuring stand up comedians Charles McBee, Liz Days, Brian Frange, Bridget Trama, Mike Feeney, Kevin Keith, Roxanne Racitano, and Veronica Blackwell.

Isabella Housing Foundation’s purpose is to provide support, by way of fundraisers and contributions, to impoverished unwed mothers and their children while the unwed mother is actively pursuing a college accredited degree.  Such assistance would include: food, clothing and financial support. This will offset the mother’s living expenses and allow the mother/student time to study instead of having to work an extra job to make ends meet which causes children to become neglected. For more information visit

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VETS OF KIN- Pestilence The Civil Mics Movement and Domination Recordings

The easy way for me to do this review and call it a day, would be for me to compare Vets of Kin to known super crews like Wu-Tang Clan, Boot Camp Click or West Coast syndicates like The Living Legends and Freestyle Fellowship. [click to continue…]

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photo credit Sasha Wolff (Flickr Creative Commons)

Too many times, artists ask advice about how to be discovered. They sit and ponder ways to be found by music executives. The reality is that they need to be found by an audience. With today’s unending options to get your music out to the world, there’s no excuse to wait. I’ve always been a proponent of just doing it yourself- today, this approach makes more sense than ever before. The reality is that music execs are lazier than ever. That’s not an insult, it’s actually a smart approach. Instead of combing through massive bins (or today, files) of music, they look to see who’s created traction all on their own.

If you’re waiting to be discovered, more than likely, you’re not going to be found. Stop hiding from your audience. Get your music out now! -Israel Vasquetelle

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From Eddie Rodriguez:

Israel, I would like to thank you for doing this write up on Bobby Davis. I am Eddie Rodriguez, Bobby Davis’s Assistant Director to SURE Record Pool since 1990 until today. I would like to let everyone know that SURE Record Pool will still continue and operate for many years to come. I will make sure that Bobby E. Davis’s legacy will not pass with him to his grave. I have been with Bobby Davis for 30 years, not only as one of his musical sons, but he was also my father I never had. If anyone needs any information on Bobby E. Davis, you can contact me at 646-387-5031. I didn’t have a chance to speak to Bobby before he passed. I was out of town on business and I came to find out on Wed. of his passing. Here is the funeral information if anyone is interested in seeing Bobby E. Davis.
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Nimbit Partners with Di-Why

December 15, 2010

Nimbit Inc. (, the leading integrated Direct-to-Fan solution for musicians, managers, and emerging labels, announces a partnership with D.I.-Why? (, a full service direct-to-fan agency that works with artists to manage the entire music and marketing lifecycle with greater ease and confidence.
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