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Smoke DZA & Al-Doe drop “They Got Money.” If you’re broke pick it up.

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The Weeknd & Ty Dolla $ign bring us a remix to be remembered with “King Of Fall.” Check it out.

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Freddie Gibbs, Madlib, Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ AND Ransom on a track? Sign us up! Here’s the “Knicks”(Remix)

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Here’s another innovative video from Shabazz Palaces. Let’s get things started with “Motion Sickness.”

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True Hip Hop fans have been waiting for a certain type of emcee to emerge. He would possess an almost supernatural amount of energy, have a superior delivery on the mic and also be able to create songs of varying subject matter, without neglecting the importance of high quality production. Logic’s debut album “Under Pressure” is proof that he’s the artist to fill that void. The fifteen song collection provides a perfect showcase for an emerging superstar destined for greatness.

In the “Intro,” Logic assures listeners that content holds more value to him than making a quick buck when he states,”But I’m not defined by the sales of my first week/ ’cause in my mind the only way I fail is if my verse weak.” The track contains minimal production and gives off the kind of vibe that will make you feel both nostalgic and uplifted…A triumphant way to kick off the album. From there we hear a “Midnight Marauders” type of automated voice named Thalia guide us into the musical magnificence to follow.

“Soul FooD” begins with mellow reflections of pain and suffering among family and friends. Drugs, crime & eviction were all part of the game growing up in Gaithersburg. The clever line “I’m from Maryland, where they shoot you in the dark of the night like Christopher Nolan for talking out of your colon” sums it up. Midway through, Thalia interrupts the proceedings by announcing “Hip Hop.” The beat dramatically shifts to an aggressive soundscape with Logic boldly declaring his lyrical supremacy through a powerful flurry of rhymes. He’s determined to win! “I’m Gone” features the rapper flowing over quiet storm harmonizing and funky, erratic beats while “Gang Related” paints a dark portrait of the violent streets and the hope that Logic’s younger brother doesn’t get caught up in the chaos.

“Buried Alive” finds the rapper questioning stardom and the hunger for fame that consumes our culture. Once again, lyrical content and musical production shine through to create a strong and instantly memorable song. “Bounce” flaunts an intentionally muddy aural back drop with plenty of beats and rhymes to keep you, well…bouncing, with “Growing Pains III” rattling off vivid descriptions of Section 8 life filled with darkness and despair. For a moment, things appear to change for the better when the MC becomes absorbed in a “Leave It To Beaver” styled-sitcom. Unfortunately, reality intrudes with Logic snapping out of his reverie to find himself back in “hell.”

“Never Enough” is a song about excess. Money, sex & drugs all come easy when you’re living the high life. “Metropolis” features another chill groove with Logic reminiscing about the time he spent in Chicago. Other cities come into play as he tours Europe and each one has a specific highlight worth remembering. The track ends with him flirting and discussing Tarantino movies with a girl on a train. It’s a musical paradise.

“Nikki” is about Logic’s love for…nicotine. He loves his “girl” even though it’s slowly killing him. The title track “Under Pressure” is a colossal frenzy of rhymes, samples and high-powered excitement. “Till The End” is incredible! Musically there’s so much going on(piano, chants, soulful chords, harmonizing, hot beats and of course, Logic’s impressive rhyme skills)that your senses will be flooded with an overdrive of excitement. The powerhouse emcee KNOWS he hit it out of the park & his record label better realize it too(“Tell Def Jam if they don’t cut the check I’ll send Chris to go cut they neck/ I love the building no disrespect but y’all better ride when I’m in effect). Shout out to Senior VP of Marketing, Chris Atlas for recognizing and promoting REAL talent.

All of the above tracks are enough to leave any listener satisfied, BUT those who purchase the Deluxe Edition get a few added treats. “Driving Ms Daisy”(feat. Childish Gambino)showcases the two mic masters flowing over a funky track with colorful production. “Now” is a hard-hitting club banger that sounds like it would cause mass destruction to speakers and amps everywhere while “Alright”(feat. Big Sean)highlights the duo rhyming over a drunken, woozy track that reaffirms their lyrical skills.

“Under Pressure” isn’t a good debut…It’s a GREAT one. Logic deserves much praise for his material. Once the world hears what he has to offer, this star in the making is sure to be rewarded.

– Kevin Keith

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