For Those Who Can't Sleep On Hip Hop

Che Grand charted on Insomniac’s Weekly Top 10 with “free biscuits,” but it’s time for you to check out some more bangers from the artist that showcase his diversity & creative gifts. Check out “Powered By Tesla,” “Glorified,” “bout’dat,” and “Gold Chains” below.

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We didn’t get a new Kanye West song last Friday…but that’s okay, because he makes up for it with the full 6 minute version of “No More Parties In L.A.” today. Thanks Yeezus!

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Insomniac’s Weekly Top Ten is here again! Hip Hop is getting off to a great start with artists workin’ overtime in the studio to give listeners the best they have to offer. Dope lyrics and incredible production made these tracks stand out among the rest…so sit back, relax, and experience the Top 10!

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1) BUMPY KNUCKLES & DJ WAYNE-SKI have been carefully paving a road filled with hits for their forthcoming project, “The Black Card.” Whenever the staff hears the duo is set to drop something new, we immediately get excited. So if you thought that we’d have off the charts enthusiasm for their latest release, “Da LayOut,” you’d be absolutely correct! Bumpy showcases true lyricism over hypnotic Boom Bap beats to take on the themes of rappers with no rhyme skills, emcees’ questionable taste in “street gear,” and even the use of auto-tune. We’ve heard these subjects discussed before…but when Bumpy broaches the topics, his impassioned delivery sheds new light on why the craft & culture are quickly eroding. Luckily Bumpy & Wayne-Ski are here to breathe new life into the music. When things look grim, these creative forces will deliver us into the light!

2) JAZZ SPASTIKS & SLEEP SINATRA are ensuring that 2016 will be a banner year to remember by dropping a new collabo project called “Portals” on February 1st. “I Get” is the explosive single that launches the action. It’s composed of jazzy vibes, can’t miss melodies, and that oh so important element of unabated Boom Bap! Sleep Sinatra is at the forefront of all the activity, showcasing a smooth flow and engaging delivery that will make you wish the song could go on forever. But that’s not a problem. Just keep replaying the banger like we did to GET that feeling of authentic Hip Hop…over and over again.

3) What do you get when VIC SPENCER & CHRIS CRACK(aka CHRIS $PENCER) enter the studio? You get two lyricists at the top of their game who always come thru with so much heat it melts every microphone they touch! Their latest banger, “Play Rough,” is pure lyrical destruction. All opposing forces be forewarned…Chris $pencer consists of an army of two and they’re packin’ enough ammo to destroy entire villages of weak emcees. Evacuate the premises ASAP!

4) KA rides, bends, and dissects Mondieu Music’s dense, murky “Delaney Card” track from The “Rubble Kings” soundtrack(overseen by Little Shalimar). Ka’s hostile, unwelcoming delivery makes you feel like he’s leading you through a back alley in the South Bronx with a gun firmly planted in the back of your head. Instead of pulling the trigger, he lets a 1970’s street gang beat you into submission. When…IF you wake up, you won’t even think about snitching. You’ll thank the Brownsville bred lyricist for exposing you to the best music of your life!

5) DJ OP & DAVE EAST worked their magic on 3 minutes and 30 seconds of audio excitement called “Life Like.” Dave brings raw, gritty lyricism to the grimy aspects of the rugged lifestyle he endures on the regular! DJ OP complements his delivery with one of the most soulful tracks we’ve heard in a very, VERY long time! Life might be hard but it also consists of making GREAT music!

6) BLACK MILK exposed sensitivity & vulnerability on the soul-infused gem, “For4Ever,” and we gotta say…It’s a good look! The lyricist flows over his self-produced track with authority while questioning the way he’s been treating his shorty. It’s not easy to showcase strength while expressing one’s weaknesses. The duality and expert fashion in which it was delivered must be commended. So we’re sending our accolades now.

7) For some reason the music of emcee/producer, CHE GRAND, has flown under the radar of our sleep-deprived staff. But all it took was one listen to his soul-charged masterpiece, “free biscuit,” to ensure that will NEVER happen again. Listen to how the artist expertly flows over the funk confection below & you MUST respect the skills. If Che sounds especially braggadocious, he has every right to be. Talent like this doesn’t appear very often!

8) Pakk Music Group liberated an unreleased joint from AB-SOUL(ft. KING RICH) that conjured up images of haunted houses and torture chambers. “House Of Sin” is an eerie, sinister bit of business that showcases deft lyricism and dark, foreboding groves that will overtake all listeners & force them to bow to the power of TDE!

9) D.I.T.C. returned to body the competition with this O.C. featured banger produced by Motif Alumni. “My City” serves up the skills and expertise we’ve come to expect from one of the best Hip Hop collectives to ever do the damn thang! It’s that New York ish…and it’s THE TRUTH!

10) SMOKE DZA ran rings around a dope new Ron Browz produced gem titled, “Where It’s At?” and demonstrated that REAL Hip Hop ain’t leavin’ anytime soon! You don’t have to be smoked out to appreciate this kind of heat. One listen & it’s effects are evident!

Well that’s it for this week. Catch ya next time and…DON’T SLEEP!

– Kevin Keith

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J57’s latest project, “I’m The J57,” will be dropping Tuesday…and just to give us a hint of the heat we can expect, the sonic mastermind drops the Deejay Element, Tenacity, Sean Boog, and Mean Joe Scheme featured “Burn The Empires.” It’s another gem from the Brown Bag AllStar that you’ll keep on repeat for the entire week!

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Consequence delivers 8 tracks of pure FIRE on his new EP, “A Good Comeback Story.” One of the highlights is a super-charged collabo with Ryan Leslie titled “Every Night.” Check it out along with the entire project now!

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