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On Wednesday, Lupe Fiasco appeared on Twitter to offer fans a special treat – a one verse song…for $500!!! It was only a matter of time before another rapper chimed in with a comment. Kid Cudi was first to step up to the plate. He Tweeted: “What are you doing with the money your makin from this? Are u givin some of this money ur about to make to a charity orrrrr??” Lupe responded by writing, “The same thing I do with money from my non-personalized verses.” Hey, even if Tupac or Biggie were to come back, we’d be hard pressed to pay $500 for a verse…but that’s just us. Lupe, don’t let anyone knock your hustle.

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Here’s a photo from better times:
Shyheim during better times.

His early 90′s “On and On” video discussed experiences of hard times in the inner city.

As found on YouTube-

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Saigon comes correct with this DJ Premier produced joint. Once again, it’s a DJ PREMIER produced joint! You’ll love it.

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Cannon & Carey Cold as Ice

August 21, 2014

Nick Cannon has confirmed his split with Mariah Carey via The Insider, stating, “There is trouble in paradise…My kids are the main focus.” But apparently the cold shoulder from Mariah wasn’t enough, because he joins the list of celebrities participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge for funding and research on ALS. Video below.

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A few years ago, Lauryn Hill gave us a taste of this track. Now she releases it to her fans as a response to the chaos in Ferguson, Missouri. Keep enlightening us Ms. Hill.

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