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July 28, 2014

So many of today’s rappers talk about the same limited subject matter(money, cars, women)that it’s refreshing when someone comes around who sheds light on what your everyday artist REALLY has to go through. Dunson is that someone. Check out his clever take on the struggles of making it in the industry – “Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper.”

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Superheroes weren’t the only thing seen around Comic-Con this past weekend. The diabolical Bizmarkie also put in an appearance to promote “The Book of Life,” a 3-D animated film due out this October. His classic hit, “Just A Friend” is featured in the movie, so of course he performed it for the crowd with Channing Tatum joining in the fun.

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Former Fugees Face Flak

July 24, 2014

Its been a hard week for former members of The Fugees. First, Lauryn Hill triggered a wave of internet backlash after a video surfaced of her lecturing and eventually removing a fan from a Chicago concert. Apparently he heckled her for showing up 50 minutes late(On a positive note, the fan did receive a refund). A nasty child-support battle is brewing for another member. Pras Michel’s ex-girlfriend just testified in court that their 4 year old son lives in a fifth floor walk up the size of a shoebox, while Pras is living it up in luxury apartments on both coasts. Surprisingly, all is quiet on the Wyclef front…but there’s always tomorrow. Anyway, we choose to remember The Fugees in happier times. Below is the “Nappy Heads”(remix). Hope it puts a smile on your face.

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Weird Al Wins A Number 1

July 23, 2014

File this one in the “persistence actually pays off” department – Big congratulations to “Weird Al” Yankovic for his first EVER Number One album…31 YEARS AFTER HIS DEBUT! “Mandatory Fun” sold 104,000 copies in its first week & is the first comedy album to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts in 54 years!!! 54 must be the magic number because that’s also Al’s age. He beat out 37 year old Jason Mraz for the top spot.

A few days ago we showcased Weird Al’s “Tacky” video, so here are two more from his twisted catalogue – “Word Crimes” & “White and Nerdy”

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After 2 years, Busta Rhymes has left Cash Money Records. The reason? (or at least the statement he’s giving to the public) Creative differences. We here at Insomniac believe that Busta is a unique artist who has to follow and execute his own vision. This is why the Aftermath situation didn’t work out years ago. Busta had been blazing his own path independently for so long that teaming up with Dre for an extended period was never going to work. The same applies for his association with Birdman, Wayne and the Cash Money crew. If he does his own thing and finds an incredible producer(Timbaland? Premier? Pharrell? Hint! Hint!) to commit to the creation of an ENTIRE album, Busta could release a masterpiece. He’s definitely got it in him! Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Mr. Rhymes is unstoppable!

Below, check out Busta’s revelation of his Cash Money departure on Sway in The Morning & a throwback video from when he rocked the mic with Leaders of The New School – Sobb Story

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