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Public Enemy rock the way many 20-year-old rockers wish they could. At 50 years young, Chuck D exudes an immense passion for Hip Hop and performing that is powerfully inspirational. Well over 20 years ago, Public Enemy was putting on the most dynamic show in the genre. Over two decades later, the same holds true. Professor Grif, the S1Ws, DJ Lord, and their live band douse stages with an ample dose of symphonic petrol, while Chuck and Flav ignite mics with lyrical fire that set venues ablaze globally with some of the most powerful Hip Hop music ever created. The crowd can’t get enough of classic material such as “Fight the Power,” “Rebel Without A Pause,” “911′s A Joke,” “Don’t Believe The Hype,” and “By The Time I Get To Arizona,” however, they cheer just as strongly when the new “Say it Like it Really Is” is unleashed.

(upfront) DJ Lord, Chuck D, Professor Griff

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Here’s Common talking about his role in “Just Wright” where he costars with Queen Latifah. The film is currently available on your cable TV via Movies On Demand.

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In this segment, Speech delves into his experiences with records labels and the music business. He also provides advice for artists seeking to succeed within the music industry. Make sure to read and listen to the first segment of Insomniac Magazine’s interview with Speech, where he discusses his thoughts on authenticity in Hip Hop. – Israel Vasquetelle

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Chuck D’s label SlamJamz delivers a new video for their artist Kendo and the Almost Famous. The track features a cameo from the King of Rock and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Darryl McDaniels aka DMC.

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