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I understand that you are you using your new film “War Gods” as a way to promote your music. Can you discuss this?

Mikal: We’re always promoting Knotz’s music in anyway we can. Our new music video called “Watch Ya Step” off of our “Formula” album coming out and is based off the short film “War Gods.”

It’s cross promotional because people will see the video and want to see the film, and if you see the film and like it, you’ll want to see and hear more from Knotz. Plus, we always like to be different and try new things that other artists aren’t doing. Every rapper has a hood-type flick, we want something more. We want to showcase our talents in filming, editing, directing, acting and art in general.

We’re an unusual team because we do everything in house, pretty much just like when we started out way back. For example, we’re launching a web site very soon called Station VM. It’ll stream indie and main stream videos, movies and much more on several different channels on the site. The site will be different from an MTV or BET because it will have a variety of music, you may not even catch the same video more than two or three times a day.

In regards to the film, the goal is to entertain people who are looking for something new from Knotz, as well as to gain new fans while creating a buzz for our brand and music. We also want to inspire others to try new things. Dread Child and his extraordinary team also write storyboards, edit, film and direct videosa. We feel the industry can use a fresh face, new views and ideas on the scene. Videos need a twist, but the videos now are all predictable. We intend to take a few of our short films to festivals and upload them online on a variety of different sites, including our own soon to come Station Vm. War Gods is approximately 30 minutes long but there will definitely be a follow up.

What’s it about?

Dread Child: It’s a story about a warlord who is hunting three wild fugitives who happen to have something he wants to possess. The only thing is…the fugitives are very intelligent, highly skilled in violence and mayhem, and are as ruthless as the warlord. So what you have is an action-packed cat and mouse chase in a jungle.

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Although Charlie Murphy has appeared in countless films since the late ‘80s, there’s no getting around that most fans started to really get to know him during and after his appearances on The Dave Chappelle Show. Charlie’s skits, some based on his telling of real-life encounters with celebrities while he worked security in the early days of his younger brother’s career, have become larger than the show itself. Plays of some of Charlie’s segments on Chappelle’s show have exceeded the million-view mark on There are very few people who follow pop culture that haven’t heard the words “I’m Rick James bitch!” His telling of his turbulent run-ins with singer Rick James, and the outrageous basketball game between Eddie Murphy’s entourage and Prince and his Revolution, have become, as Charlie explains it, “part of the American fabric.”

Most people aren’t aware that Charlie actually got into show business before his iconic brother. In 1970, at the age of nine, through what Charlie describes as somewhat of a fluke, he was cast in the major motion picture The Landlord starring heavy hitters Beau Bridges, Lou Gossett, Jr., and Pearl Bailey. As an adult Charlie appeared in films such as Harlem Nights, Jungle Fever, CB4, The Players Club, and others. Besides his stint as a cast member on The Dave Chappelle show, he has acted on many television programs including Martin, and has done work as a voice-over actor on The Cartoon Network’s The Boondocks. His character on the show, Ed Wuncler III, has become a favorite with the network’s Adult Swim fans. The outrageous character, an out of control veteran from a privileged family- turned criminal, is played opposite Samuel L. Jackson’s voicing of Gin Rummy. Charlie has also voiced a character in the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game. Charlie has also helped pen films such as Norbit and Vampire in Brooklyn.

Today, there is no question that Charlie Murphy is a respected comedian. Some may think that his success in this space should be obvious since his brother is regarded as one of the greatest comedians of all time. However, the reality is that because of his last name, for many years, people (in and out of show business circles) had preconceived biases about what Charlie could and couldn’t do- stand up being one of those things. This may be one of the reasons why he didn’t try his hand at stand-up until his was 41 years-old, which actually happened, as he recalls, “on a dare.” The person who challenged him didn’t think he could pull it off. Charlie proved them wrong.

Charlie has recently released a best-selling stand-up comedy DVD entitled I Will Not Apologize. He fields offers to bring his stand-up show to venues around the globe- he’s officially a bonafied comedic phenomenon. On the day of our interview, Charlie revealed that I happened to be the first person that he’d done an interview with since learning the news of his DVD release’s chart topping sales success. Charlie has also penned a new book about his life entitled The Making of a Stand Up Guy. During our interview, he revealed that Chappelle had to fight for Charlie’s segments to stay in the show. He explained that at the time, some of the higher ups would demand, “less Charlie…” Today, the fans of comedy are demanding more of the man whose name they passionately pronounce as a singular word, in one fast and familiar swoop- “CharlieMurphy!” -I. Vasquetelle

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The “Mbodiment LP” is my favorite CD so far this year. It’s a masterpiece of poetical, lyrical and productive proportions on any level. I have been patiently waiting for this to drop ever since I heard their EP of the same name about a year and a half ago. This project is a comprehensive independent underground release that boasts an impressive array of lyrics, delivery, content, and personality, along with sound and head-nodding production. I urge anyone who enjoys gritty Hip Hop to get their hands on this release. The Heart and Brain has been roaming about Central Florida since the mid 2000’s. The goal of emcee Vis Major and epic producer Tzarism has always been to make the type of raw textured Hip Hop that you can’t find these days.
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For immediate release:
Hip Hop group Premavara Family has just released a brand new track entitled “The Streets.” Initially released in Stockholm, Sweden, “The Streets” is now available globally on iTunes. “The Streets” is the single for the upcoming “premAmerica” full-length record due out in November.

“The Streets” features Hip Hop veteran and Wu-Tang member U-God as well as Blackkey aka Flow. While discussing his upcoming album and current single, producer and group founder Premavara issued a thank you to all of the participants in making the record, and to all of the groups supporters. The talented producers is hard at work on a variety of projects, however, is proud of The Premavara Family and looks forward to releasing their new album.

“The Streets” features a hypnotic melody, classic down-tempo Hip Hop percussion, reggaesque chorus, and solid vocals. Download a copy on The or visit The Premavara Family online

This press release is sponsored by Premavara Records.

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In 1992, Speech, along with his group Arrested Development, went on to receive countless accolades including two Grammy Awards and being named Band of the Year by Rolling Stone Magazine for the ground breaking “3 Years, 5 Months, and 2 Days in the Life of…” The album launched the band into stardom with constant video and radio rotation for their hit “Tennessee,” and later for singles “People Everyday” and “Mr. Wendal.” The funky and soulful blend of Hip Hop and R&B delivered socially conscious music in a manner that was palatable to the masses. Despite being adorned with admiration by both the industry and audiences, at least in the United States, Arrested Development didn’t maintain the spotlight for long. When the band’s subsequent releases didn’t attain the level of success of the debut, they didn’t fade into oblivion, instead, Speech focused on a new market that embraced the band as their own music stars. Both as a solo artist and as the leader of Arrested Development, Speech has lived the reality of being big in Japan.

In this interview, Speech talks about Arrested Development’s interesting story into stardom in the U.S. and abroad. We also delve deep into the lack of progression within Hip Hop, and he also discusses the perils and rewards of the music industry.
Part 1-


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interview -I. Vasquetelle

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