People Under The Stairs warn of “Dog Whistles”

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People Under The Stairs has put work in the authentic Hip Hop space for two decades. Their latest song goes a long way in bringing facts to the speakers of Hip Hop fans and truth-seekers everywhere. We’ll let multi-talented emcee Thes One speak for the group’s impactful “Dog Whistles.”

PUTS has always celebrated youth culture and people from all walks of life, social classes, ideologies, identities, religions and countries. 20 years of touring opened my mind to the most powerful force in human nature – unity. And, while many may choose to privately grumble about the current divisive state of America, I can no longer remain silent as Trump and the RNC undermine objective reality. There is truth. There is real news. It is happening in front of our eyes, indisputable – just as sure as they called climate change a “chinese hoax” to selling out our national parks and oceans to the very real effort to subvert reality through social media manipulation and bots. This is no conspiracy, it’s happening in front of us, plain to see. 2,000 lies on record, while using dog whistle politics to rile up hatred and bigotry in his base. We can’t let this become the new normal.

Hip hop will always speak for the voiceless, those who struggle yet aspire for change. We will not tolerate this -Thes

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