Insomniac Magazine presents

“Sounds from the Underground” Podcast

Episode 6: Madd Illz interview- Insight on survival in Hip Hop + Media

On this episode, Hip Hop activist, freestyle champ, entrepreneur and co-founder of the hugely successful Grind Time battle league shares his insight and experience in the Hip Hop music and media industries during a talk with Israel Vasquetelle. Not only is Madd Illz a top tier lyricist, battle emcee and recording artist, but he also had the distinction of speaking at the United Nations on the importance of Hip Hop culture. Thanks for listening to Insomniac Magazine’s “Sounds from the Underground” podcast.

Special thanks to Swamp Wood Skate Park.

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Episode 5: Music Industry Journeys + Hip Hop Inspirations: Xtreme and Rosati Interview 

If you missed this dynamic duo’s current project “Bobby Womack Dreams,” make sure you check out the review and listen to the finely crafted sounds. In this exclusive interview with Insomniac Magazine, Platinum powerhouse producer Xtreme and lyrical titan Rosati (of #TheWinners collective) share their journeys within the music industry. These talented Hip Hop creators discuss their new project, musical inspirations, and Xtreme talks about getting a big break through a chance meeting with Jay Z on the streets of Chicago. Don’t sleep on this episode of the new podcast from Insomniac Magazine, “Sounds from the Underground.”

Episode 4: Marketing, Branding + Indie Artist Survival: Interview with Soul / Hip Hop Songstress Ida Divine

Ida Divine has proven to be a superior branding practitioner in all of her artistic endeavors. Her carefully crafted sound and look exude confidence with an authentic vintage flair. This, along with immense marketing savvy, makes her a model example of what it takes to effectively maneuver as an entrepreneurial artist. Ida seemlessly blends classic soul, Hip Hop, and Afro-Caribbean sounds into her culturally rich style of music. During this discussion with Insomniac Magazine’s Israel Vasquetelle, this distinctive talent shares insight into her art, inspirations, and approach to branding and making moves within the new era of the music industry.

Episode 3: Ice Cube Interview

Ice Cube needs no introduction, he’s conquered music, film, and television. In this throwback interview recorded a few years before the film “Straight Outta Compton,” was released Ice Cube spoke with Israel Vasquetelle for Insomniac Magazine about his transformation from gangsta rapper to film star and entertainment mogul. He also sheds insight into his journey within this turbulent music industry. As well, he gives advice and shares a valuable lesson learned from his own experiences in the entertainment business. Ice Cube also discusses the plight of the recorded music industry, and the importance of putting a value on music. He also discusses his [at the time] newly launched TV show based on his movie franchise. This candid discussion is intriguing, inspirational and provides a distinct perspective into this talented entertainment icon’s immense success.

Episode 2: Interview with Hip Hop Icon Kool Keith

In this episode of Sounds from the Underground, Insomniac Magazine founder Israel Vasquetelle digs deep with Hip Hop icon Kool Keith. This enigmatic Hip Hop veteran is truly a rapper’s rapper. In this discussion, Keith shares thoughts on his legacy in the Hip Hop music industry and his perspective on its progression.

Episode 1: Hip Hop, Marketing + International Moves: Interview w/ Daniel Son

On the first episode of “Sounds from the Underground” the Hip Hop lifestyle and marketing podcast from Insomniac Magazine, host Israel Vasquetelle talks with prolific Toronto emcee Daniel Son. This interview delves into the up and coming artist’s inspirations, as well as his global approach to music production and marketing in the incredibly competitive Hip Hop industry. The humble underground rising star and Insomniac Magazine mainstay is quick to share credit for his success with those who’ve influenced him and collaborators, many of whom are spread throughout multiple countries.