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Insomniac Magazine has covered Hip Hop for over 20 years. However, its founder and editor have been involved in the culture since the ’80s. Hailing from the Soundview area of The Bronx during the heyday of early Hip Hop in Bronx River, Israel Vasquetelle aka IZ-REAL founded Insomniac Magazine after years of making music, producing and hosting a radio show. Right from the beginning, life-long friend, radio veteran, tastemaker, editor and Harlem native Kevin Keith contributed to Insomniac Magazine’s first issue over two decades ago. Their newest contribution to the culture and industry is “Sounds from the Underground” a podcast that delves into those making moves beneath the surface, and those who’ve breached it. Take a listen to the first episode, with prolific emcee, Daniel Son. Make sure to subscribe and spread the word to all those who can’t sleep on Hip Hop.

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Sounds From The Underground: Hip Hop Lifestyle and Marketing Podcast presented by Insomniac Magazine 

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