Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) Speaks

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Although Mobb Deep’s front man, Prodigy, is doing a 3 and 1/2 year bid, he didn’t have a problem riding comfortably on the Billboard charts. Hard core lyrics and dope beats are quintessential trademarks of the two-man crew known as Mobb Deep. In “H.N.I.C. 2,” Prodigy does not disappoint with this new solo album.

Even though he is under the 24/7 supervision of the judicial system, he was still able to reach out to me. Prodigy talks about recent success on the Billboard charts, blogging behind bars and the need for rappers to protect themselves against racial profiling. He also wanted to let his fans know he is in good health and will return with a vengeance. Enjoy the five…

1. How did it feel to reach #3 on The Billboard Hip Hop and R&B charts?

It feels great; it feels great to be up with the top artists.

2. Mobb Deep has a legacy of dope tracks and hardcore lyrics. Who would you like to work with once you are able to get out of the belly of the beast?

You know just different people. Whoever’s out there that’s poppin’ that’s got the hot sh*t, ya know what I mean–it’s all good….

3. In this age of ringtone artists and digital downloads, how are you planning to stay relevant and differentiate yourself from the Lil Wayne’s, T.I’s, Shawty Lo’s, T Pain’s and others?

By doing what I do. They do what they do and I do what I do–that’s it.

4. Describe a typical day in the life of Prodigy behind bars?

Just work…A workaholic, just working on my mind and my body….Reading, writing, blogging on

5. There were reports indicating NYPD was trying to get you to set up 50 Cent. How important is it for rappers to know they are being targeted and what steps can they take to not get caught up in the prison industrial complex?

It’s very important to know that we are being targeted so we can protect ourselves. That’s why I’ve been promoting telling people to put cameras in their cars instead of buying fancy rims and systems. Buy the cameras first, then if you want all that, then go head. You gotta prioritize and worry about your safety, if not then hey–its on you…
Lastly, I’ll be right back!!! I ain’t got 25 to life. And, uhm cop that “HNIC2” album in stores now and the “HNIC2: DVD Collection” coming out in July 8th… I got lots ya sh*t to keep my fans in-tuned, so check out Peace. -Prodigy

Tony Samuel