Review: Avery LR (ft.10asee) – “Never Surrender” (Video/Single)

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Maryland mic assassin, Avery LR, shares personal tragedies from his life & shines a spotlight on the suffering of others in his new video for the 10asee featured track, “Never Surrender.” The “Surviving” mixtape visual depicts images of implied sexual abuse & suicide as the lyricists offer a sobering take on the problems plaguing modern society. When Avery mentions his grandmother’s passing we instantly feel his pain. The revelations he delivers about his mother’s imprisonment & father’s death expose us to a wounded soul who sublimates his numerous losses with unwavering passion toward his craft.

10asee takes a more existential approach to the material by pondering his place in the world and contemplating the true motives behind God’s actions. As scenes of a young girl’s molestation, despair, and eventual drug overdose swirl across the screen, viewers should keep in mind that despite the jarring images, there IS a pathway out of the darkness. Avery LR proved that by the impressive strides he’s made in his own career. For him, “Never Surrender” isn’t just a title. It’s a way of life.

– Kevin Keith