Review: Maxx The Muffin Man – “Every Summer Since” (Mixtape)

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Maxx The Muffin Man dispatches raw rhymes, solid production, and an endless stream of positive vibes on his brand new mixtape, “Every Summer Since.” The Portland, Oregon lyricist kicks off his sonic adventure with the C.O.B. featured “Wavy Gravy” and immediately induces tremors throughout the Hip Hop industry with his “analytical, cryptical”  high-powered style of prose. C.O.B. fares even better as he runs rings around the smooth 2nd Nature laced soundscape. “Match Box” is next on the line up and although Maxx’s rhymes are somewhat pedestrian this go round, the cut is saved by Kelly Portis’ boom bap aesthetic. “Puff Is Enough” serves up some seriously funky grooves courtesy of Old Ben as Maxx and C.O.B. get high off the music while tag-teaming the track. “Adderall N Cigarettes” offers a sobering take on this generation’s perception of the world around them, while “Sunday Suede” addresses those who “lie to your face” ensuring “you never get paid.”  Prayer can help ease the pain but it might not be enough to solve the problem.

“Every Summer Since” benefits greatly from Axiom’s soul-raising production as Maxx discovers his true calling in life and details his newfound passion for all that the world entails. “See What Side”  finds Maxx and C.O.B. cleverly describing situations that can push people to SUICIDE if they don’t remain above the fray & harness their inner strength. MiiiKXY complements their sentiments with a beautifully haunting track.

On “Power Nap” the spitter gets reflective about his past while boasting of future greatness to come before “wishing the daze” and “NoChorusNeeded” wrap up the entire affair with witty lyricism and top of the line instrumentals. Maxx The Muffin Man delivers an admirable effort with his latest offering. The 18 year old artist still needs to take chances and experiment with new lyrical flows…but he’s most definitely on the rise. Keep checking for Maxx The Muffin Man’s upcoming projects and expect the heat to continue way beyond the “Summer.”

– Kevin Keith