Review: Tyson Amir – “Between Huey and Malcolm” (Spoken Word/Video)

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Tyson Amir is a modern day renaissance man with a limitless amount of talent. Author, musician, community organizer & freedom fighter are just a few worthy titles to describe the Bay Area phenomenon…but there is no known label which can fully depict the wealth of passion and creativity emanating from his very soul. In the new clip for “Between Huey and Malcolm,” Tyson grants viewers a powerful visual from his debut tome, “Black Boy Poems,” by stripping away all the bells & whistles. Instead, he serves up simplicity by sitting down and speaking directly to the viewers. Without the glitz and glam to distract us, our attention is focused solely on the man and his message. Words are manifested for a spiritual transaction designed to enrich our lives & elevate our awareness.

In a world where culture seems to only be appreciated when it can be exploited for financial gain, Tyson speaks out on white media coverage of #BlackLivesMatter. Marching brings temporary light to a bleak situation that extends way beyond the inner cities into the corporate boardrooms of Wall Street. For a person of color, racism is sickeningly a way of life. When you’re treated “less than canines” do you allow those actions to continue or will you walk the line between Huey and Malcolm to take a more aggressive stance? Tyson Amir speaks with conviction on the subject and boldly shows us the way!

– Kevin Keith