Review: Xombie – “Might As Well” (Single)

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When we last left the fearless adventurers known as Xombie, the “Hood Metal” heroes were conquering the universe with their power platter of hits, “Capital X.” Now the unbeatable band of musical misfits reenter our realm with their scorching new single, “Might As Well,” as they prepare audiences for the launch of their latest electrifying opus, “Super Cell.”

A thunderous guitar riff sets the tone before bonding with earth-shattering drum rhythms designed to upend any perceived musical boundaries that might stand in their way. Atom Crews “walks the street with a chainsaw on” and boldly spits in the face of the competition by leading the unruly unit to an all-out sonic assault of the senses! The band bumrush the scene with the kind of edge and “don’t give a f**k” rhythmic brutality lesser groups might shy away from.

Xombie, on the other hand, are more than up to the challenge of reigning over the Rapcore kingdom. Their unwavering self-confidence always guarantees a win! When the group says: “Put your hands up/Don’t put your hands down!” you BETTER listen. ‘Might as well roll with a crew of champions than be part of a losing team!

– Kevin Keith