Review: Xtreme and Rosati – “Bobby Womack Dreams” EP

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From the second the “Intro” drops on Xtreme & Rosati’s “Bobby Womack Dreams” EP, you know you’re in for an extraordinary ride! #TheWinners master lyricist and the production powerhouse are forces of nature. They craft top caliber tracks that compel competitors to step up their game as the duo vibe off a unique and natural chemistry that can’t be fractured or duplicated. The action unfolds with an explosive banger called “Blue Chakra!” Rosati’s pen game is top notch as he dominates the Hip Hop landscape like Muhammad Ali in his prime! Xtreme blankets the production with sonic jewels that will keep your head nodding ’til the damn thing falls off!

“Freshest Moments” finds the “Casanova with the feather in the hat” flowing over a smooth, soul-fueled soundscape while “Beyond The Stars” motivates the lyricist to launch into acrobatic wordplay over laid-back rhythms that filter into your bloodstream like audio ecstasy! The astronomical rap chronicle continues with a power assist from #TheWinners brethren, SmooVth, on “Dope Opera” before Planet Asia joins the party for the Caribbean island infused flava of “Master Cipha!” “Moses Scriptures” will guide listeners through a mind-altering mental excursion into ancient history before Hus Kingpin & Rozewood shut everything down with “It’s Over!”

“The Reprise” concludes our audio adventure with a hypnotic backdrop punctuated by Rosati shredding the electric guitar. Fortunately our “Bobby Womack Dreams” can continue with another push of the PLAY button. When a project’s this dope we never want to wake up!

– Kevin Keith