Rocdwell drops a Hip Hop gem- “When It’s All Said and Done” EP

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Rocdwell’s latest, refreshing release for the Hip Hop industry.

Rocdwell does it again by delivering a powerful project that lives up to the authenticity of legacy Hip Hop elites such as Common, The Roots and Slum Village. Hailing from Detroit, home of the latter aforementioned iconic group, Rocdwell is a ray of light for powerful quality Hip Hop in a persistently dense and murky subsistence of a genre that overwhelmingly continues to devolve.

“When It’s All Said and Done” is honest and impactful. The new EP is chock-full of soulful production and masterfully delivered introspective lyrics. If you’re a Hip Hop aficionado this release is worthy of your bandwidth in this incredibly competitive environment for your attention. If you’re looking to share what quality Hip Hop can be in 2017, spread the word and sounds. Check the technique-